Meet Anthony Enright

Director of People and Culture at Ansarada

“I don’t think that we would be with BambooHR still if I didn’t see the type of progress that’s kept up over the last four and a half years.”

— Anthony Enright

The Results

NEW HIRE EXPERIENCE: “The new hire packet is number one, for me, because of the experience that it gives people when they join. It eliminates the need for physical paperwork and it gives visibility to both them and team members when they join.”

GLOBAL WORKFORCE: “It was just very smooth. There was not a ‘jumping into the deep end’ [feeling] or any worry there because [Implementation manager] had walked us through and we became so familiar within the implementation process. Then when it was...done,...nothing really changed. We just kept going with how we had been moving forward with implementation. It made it very seamless. I wouldn’t say that all of a sudden there was this lurch and change.”

CLEAR REPORTING: “I’ve always appreciated the simplicity of building my own custom reports, and the reporting has developed to become much better at being able to filter through the standard reports. That makes them very easy to use, and, from a recent point of view, we’ve needed to do way more reporting than ever over the last six to twelve months, so that’s been very helpful. It’s way better than not having a system in place at all.”

SEAMLESS UPDATES: “You can update big sections of BambooHR all at once very quickly. BambooHR makes it very easy to take away visibility of sections that you’re changing on a wholesale level, do a bulk upload of new information, have confidence that all the different parts of BambooHR you want to change are fixed, and then reload visibility.”

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: “I don’t think that we would be with BambooHR still if I didn’t see the type of progress and the type of positive change in the product that’s kept up over the last four and a half years. [They’re] continuously developing it in a way that it is visible that they do take on the feedback from customers. I think it just speaks for itself.”

The Challenge

Providing a consistent employee experience is challenging; providing a consistent experience in an organization with several offices throughout the world takes that challenge to another level. As a software firm supporting mergers and acquisitions on a global scale, Ansarada needs to address hiring, leave management, and compensation for its employees in all of their locations, and Anthony Enright takes primary responsibility for this process.

“We needed the platform to handle a global workforce—to provide a similar employee experience for the one person located in South Africa as it provides for our very packed main office. Leave management was a big challenge for us. We were running leave on confluent papers, and we had different systems depending on which location, so setting up leave policies that supported all our people to be able to both accrue and have their leave approved was important for us as well.”

The Solution

Anthony’s view on how HR should interact with employees comes from his experience in the tech sector. In a tech company, employees shouldn’t have to print forms, sign them, and wonder what HR is going to do with them. “Why should I have to waste someone’s time with a basic or simple question when HR software can offer the information with the technology that’s available to us right now?”

In 2015, Anthony started asking other Australian businesses about their HR software. His introduction to BambooHR came from a fellow tech industry professional. “I wanted to see what fast-growth, progressive companies were doing around their employee experience and what tools marry up with that muscle.”

About Ansarada

Ansarada helps businesses navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, providing the communication and data security tools their clients need to have confidence in a successful outcome.


Communication Software


Sydney, Australia; London, England; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Beijing, China; Hong Kong; New York, NY; Chicago, IL

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People Data and Analytics, Onboarding, Paid Time Off (PTO), Implementation

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