Meet Anne Seebach

Head of People & Culture at Architrave

“It’s the perfect tool for people who have never worked with ATS before. They don’t have to be afraid to be overloaded by information. It is very self-explaining.”

— Anne Seebach

The Results

Recruiting Savings: In two years and three months, BambooHR saved Architrave more than €20,000 ($22,000 USD) in costs associated with countless hours maintaining external job boards, keeping job posts up-to-date, and tracking conversion across different channels.

Streamlined Hiring: The BambooHR® Applicant Tracking System became Architrave’s intranet, saving internal development time and costs associated with creating their own system.

Onboarding: Customized workflows in onboarding help both managers and new hires stick to onboarding timelines for a more positive employee experience.

The Challenge

The tech sector in Berlin plays a part in transforming many industries, and Architrave is no exception. The German real estate industry has its own word for the property technology Architrave provides—PropTech—and building PropTech is as much of a challenge as an opportunity. “In order to operate successfully, we must combine high-tech with consulting services and real estate know-how. Our team is accordingly diverse,” says Dr. Anne Seebach, PhD, Architrave’s Head of People and Culture.

Anne needed to find an HRIS that fit the needs for her wide range of employees, from early adopters to change-resistant veterans who didn’t want to give up their own workarounds. This was especially important during the hiring process, where speed, simplicity, and transparency make all the difference as Architrave works toward doubling its workforce.

The Solution

HIRING (ATS): “The hiring process couldn’t be more efficient for our conditions working here. Applicant funnel reports, applicant source reports are super interesting. This is beautiful to present to the management. The high amount of transparency shows that we involve people in a collaborative hiring process. And it’s always satisfying when you click ‘HIRED!’ and the stars come up. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment.”

ONBOARDING: “The transition from being a candidate to becoming an employee is essential for retention. BambooHR supports a smooth, professional and entertaining onboarding. A process that contributes decisively to the welcome culture and identification of new employees.”

EASE OF USE: “In the past, I’ve used SAP products, and they were overengineered— too complex. With BambooHR, the usability and the interface are lovely. I can add and delete collaborators without using Google Docs and Google Forms.”

REPORTING: “I have everything only two clicks away: salary overviews, salary adjustments. I really like the reporting functions, and the employee satisfaction survey delivered great results. The fact that we use BambooHR® helps when we talk with investors because they see that we’re taking HR systems seriously and professionally.

About Architrave

Architrave produces digital asset management software for real estate. Architrave uses BambooHR to streamline their hiring process and support their daily operations.


Software - Real Estate


Berlin, Germany

Number of Employees



Employee Database, Reporting and Analytics, Applicant Tracking (ATS), New Hire Onboarding, Performance Reviews, Timesheets

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