Meet Ben Brubaker

Head of People and Culture at Assure Services

“You don’t even worry about it. BambooHR has support that’s there to make it so you succeed.”

— Ben Brubaker

The Results

RAPID DATA TRANSFER: The successful implementation process allowed Assure Services to input all of their employee data in just 3 weeks.

EASY ADOPTION: In just two days, Assure Services was able to train 100% of their employees to use the new software.

PAPERLESS HR: Thanks to the smooth implementation process, Ben and his team were able to go paperless right away with their applicant tracking, new-hire onboarding, employee satisfaction surveys, and more.

The Challenge

When Ben Brubaker, Head of People and Culture at Assure Services, realized that his current HRIS wouldn’t be adequate for the growing needs of his organization, he knew he had a daunting task ahead of him—transitioning to a new HR system quickly and seamlessly. Choosing BambooHR made sense: the PTO tracking, applicant tracking system, and other features would integrate perfectly into his organization’s existing workflows, saving everyone loads of time and effort. But Ben was still worried about how long it might take to migrate their data and how difficult it would be to learn a whole new system. With rapid growth on the horizon, he knew Assure Services couldn’t afford a lot of lag time.

“I’m hired to do a good job...I have people counting on me to get that done,” Ben explains. At the time, he feared that if the implementation process or the software itself didn’t meet expectations, it would reflect poorly on him as an HR professional.

All of those concerns melted away when Ben began the implementation process with Sarah, his BambooHR implementation specialist. “I have nothing but great things to say about Sarah and that process that we went through,” he says. “I was dreading it, and it was completely smooth.”

The Solution

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: “Just having Sarah on the phone every time...we were bonding and becoming friends through this process….We had a good time. It was really Sarah that made that whole experience excellent. ...the sales rep and customer support reps before and after Sarah had the same qualities of professionalism [with] answering questions [and] being on top of things. I don’t think I’ve ever [gotten] off the phone where they didn’t answer my question.”

CLEAR AGENDA: “I think what was most helpful was [the] agenda. Sarah would identify what we’re going to discuss and show [me and my team] places where we could go and do research videos about it. …Then she would review it all at that time I was already prepared with questions as opposed to hanging up a phone call and having to get back in touch.”

FLEXIBLE TIMELINE: “Once implementation happened, as Sarah put it, we could go as fast as we wanted to. She was prepared to schedule meetings every day. We opted for once a week...and so it was just a matter of a few weeks…. [Our BambooHR specialists] were ready to go and implement as soon as we could.”

EASY DATA MIGRATION: “[At a previous job,] we just picked up all the old dirty data from one system and put it into a new [one], and it was a horrible experience. ...I was expecting that and worried about [switching] from one HR system to another. That didn’t happen at all. It was outlined step by step: what we needed to do [and] what we needed to bring over.”

HR COACHING: “As I got more comfortable [with BambooHR]...and started talking [through] implementation, I found that I had a lot more painpoints that I didn’t even realize were pain points. It was great to figure that out and realize there was a solution to save even more time and effort.”

RAPID & SEAMLESS RAMP-UP: “There was not a ‘jumping into the deep end’ [feeling] or any worry there because [Sarah] had walked us through and we became so familiar within the implementation process. Then when it was... done,...nothing really changed. We just kept going with how we had been moving forward with implementation. It made it very seamless. I wouldn’t say that all of a sudden there was this lurch and change. It was just very smooth.”

About Assure Services

Assure Services provides outsourced administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace. Their deep knowledge, diverse skill sets, and innovative technology ensure their clients get excellent service and full transparency for all SPV/Syndicate and fund administration needs.


Finance, Tech


Salt Lake City, UT

Number of Employees



Applicant Tracking (ATS), New-Hire Onboarding, Employee Satisfaction

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