Meet Jacob Alsup

Director of Recruiting & Hiring at Community Counseling Center

“It’s so easy to complete performance assessments with BambooHR, and you get so much data right at your fingertips. And now with Total Rewards, it’s easier for staff to see at a glance just how good our benefits actually are. We’re able to show them how much they’re valued. There’s so much more that goes into doing that than just providing a paystub. Being able to highlight the scope of what we offer is critical not only to retain staff, but to help get the word out there about CCC and hopefully bring more people to us. I’m excited about it.”

— Jacob Alsup

The Results

Performance Management helps CCC’s employees grow in their roles and tracks required certification documentation. As CCC’s practice grew to almost 500 employees, BambooHR made the entire process more efficient and meaningful. Add Total Rewards, and CCC can show top talent just how much they’re valued.

Cut Assessment Time by 50%
The switch from a 10-page performance assessment document to Performance Management cut hours from the total time managers and employees spent providing feedback and holding performance conversations.

“Nowadays the total time is about an hour, depending on the position: approximately 30 minutes to complete the assessment and another 30 for meeting with the staff and reviewing,” says Jacob.

A Renewed Focus on Employee Growth
Along with improving the speed of delivering assessments and responses, Performance Management sharpens the focus on professional development by providing shorter and more targeted assessments.

“The new performance management process,” says Jacob, “has helped our employees grow and develop by shifting the focus off money and moving it towards meaningful conversations about an employees actual growth and professional development.”

Better Progress and Performance Data Oversight
With employees spread out over several counties, generating performance reports in BambooHR helps Jacob find and follow performance trends. “I love being able to see all of the great data surrounding assessments and progress at a glance.”

An Investment in Retention with Total Rewards

“Obviously, it’ll be cheaper for us to retain the current staff we don’t want to wish farewell to,” says Jacob. “If we can provide a great opportunity for them to not only grow and continue moving forward with us, but show them through Total Rewards that they’re worth more than what they think, that should help with retention. ... I really feel Total Rewards is what keeps people here. And that's what I see through our Employee Satisfaction surveys, too.”

The Challenge

Before using BambooHR, managers at CCC were spending up to three hours on performance assessments each cycle—often with half that time spent preparing documents for evaluation. Despite all that time and effort, this process did little to affect performance.

Lengthy Assessments
“Prior to BambooHR, we did annual performance assessments based on a staff’s hire date. It was a 10-page document rating an employee on a one to five scale based on performance factors and essential and non-essential job functions. The employee then completed a self-evaluation and established three goals. It was a lot.”

Missed Opportunities to Focus on Employee Growth
“Unfortunately, not only was [the old system] a time-intensive process,” says Jacob, “but it also seemed that the sole focus—at least for staff—was the percent raise they would receive. Also, since there was no good way to track goals, we had the tendency to set three goals and then forget about them when our annual review came back around.”

No Time to Create Total Rewards Statements

Without an automated way to compile and present on benefits, pay, and other compensation data, Jacob and leadership struggled to effectively communicate the true value CCC offers employees. “It was so time consuming trying to pull this data from 20 different places,” says Jacob. “We tried to start it, and it never got off the ground because of all the time it took.”

The Solution

A Well-Prepared Launch
“We prepared training materials, adjusted our questions, and really drove home the positives to the change. Communicate with your staff, take the time to plan, develop, implement, and train on the process; and really get that buy-in from your executive team that this is what will work best for your company. Having that top-down buy-in truly makes a world of difference when it comes to your employee engagement with performance management.”

Meaningful Reports and Actionable Data
“We review the company performance report to see how employees are feeling in regards to the company valuing them, and what would help them do their best work.... We also use the engagement and contribution values to see where our barriers to growth and performance are.”

Confidential, Double-Blind Surveys Guarantee Accuracy
The ability to ‘lock down’ the assessments until the manager and the employee have both completed them shows us misalignments and promotes more transparency in responses.”

Easy to Use, Customizable Tools
“I’d recommend Performance Management for its ease of use, additional customizability, and the reporting features available. It also promotes transparent conversations between employees and supervisors.”

Total Rewards and Performance Management Working Together
“We have our Performance Management and Total Rewards conversations around the same time every year, but we’re very intentional about the purpose of each. Performance conversations stay focused on employee growth and development, and with Total Rewards, we’re able to tie everything back to the work they're doing, but say, ‘Here are all the elements of your compensation and everything we’re offering you, too.’ They’re often surprised to see just how much we do—it’s all in one place and easy to see. Having the two conversations in tandem really helps us paint the picture of the mutual value we bring to each other.”

Automatic Total Rewards Reports

“It’s completely hands off. It just pulls from whatever fields we have that I have to upgrade or update, whether that be with a new hire or if we do a future effective date for a promotion or for a salary increase. We know as soon as that goes into effect, it's going to automatically be tied into Total Rewards. Same with benefits each year.”

About Community Counseling Center

Community Counseling Center (CCC) is a non-profit behavioral health organization serving the public since 1974. As an Administrative Agent for the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH), and a Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO), CCC is entrusted to provide a full array of comprehensive behavioral health services within five southeastern Missouri counties of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Perry, and Ste. Genevieve.


Nonprofit - Healthcare


Missouri, USA

Number of Employees



Total Rewards, Performance Management

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