Meet Kevin Stephens

HR Generalist at Continuon Services

“I’ve never come across an easier payroll system. It’s very straightforward, takes little time to learn, but has in-depth reporting. Very customer-service friendly.”

— Kevin Stephens

The Results

With BambooHR, Kevin spent less time dealing with uncertainty around payroll changes, knowing BambooHR support staff would respond promptly to any questions or issues.

Data Integration: “It’s not like I have to enter things into two different systems: I can just upload reports into BambooHR. I don’t have to send a secure email and make sure they have the password. I know I can go into BambooHR and make a simple change, and it will be automatically updated in payroll.

Ease of Use: “If I was out sick, or if I was going to miss a lot of time, I feel like I could easily teach somebody the system in a day. Five or six steps, boom, you’re done. That is a huge relief not to worry about taking two weeks to teach it to somebody else.”

Better Deduction Reports: “I can pick and choose deduction reports—if I want to see Medical and Vision [or] if I want to see 401(k), I can calculate that. I can split a benefits report between employee contribution and employer contribution. I absolutely love that. [My previous provider] might have had it on the backend, but I could never see it myself. I’d have to do my own calculations to find out what the employer was paying.”

The Challenge

Payroll can’t wait. With hard deadlines for deposits and payments, any errors need to be resolved as soon as possible to reassure employees that their paychecks will be in their accounts on time.

Even for a 25-employee benefits management company like Continuon Services, providing a consistent payroll experience on top of other HR duties wasn’t possible without help. After working with several different payroll software providers, Kevin Stephens discovered the importance of data accuracy and customer service.

This became even clearer with Kevin’s previous payroll provider—when he contacted them about resolving payroll errors, it was all delays and uncertainty. “I’d have to call, leave a message, and wouldn’t have any response for three or four days. I’d have to tell the employee, ‘Well, hopefully [we’ll] have this figured out in three to four days. I’m waiting [on the payroll software company].’ That’s someone that’s not getting their paycheck.”

The Solution

After transitioning to payroll software from BambooHR, Kevin found the prompt attention from BambooHR customer service to be a welcome relief. “We’ve had four or five payroll companies, and by far, BambooHR has been the most friendly. Even when they can’t answer a question right away, they’ll tell me ‘We’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.’ I’m not in that limbo of wondering if they’re going to contact me. In four to five hours I get a response to my email requests, or if it’s a phone call, immediately; they’ll either solve it or let me know that they need to work with someone else to handle the problem.”

BambooHR provided Kevin and Continuon Services with the features and service they needed to feel confident in their payroll processes—at every stage and with every issue.

Attentive Payroll Software Implementation: “Step-by-step, they were great. Every three or four days, they would contact me and say, ‘We need this by this date, just checking to see if you need any assistance.’”

Prompt Customer Support: “Any time I had a question, it was immediate service. I could call and speak to anyone about my account. It’s not, ‘So-and-so is on vacation.’”

Powerful Standard Reports: “Whatever I need, I can find the report already there. Most of the time, I can go right in, click one button, and everything populates.”

Time-Saving Employee Self-Service: “With BambooHR, I get a lot fewer payroll emails from employees [about] updating their bank account, updating their address, this or that. Employees now know that they can automatically update their information, it will go over to BambooHR, and I can approve it.”

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