Meet Angie Iiams

HR Manager at CRBR

BambooHR saves us from having an entire team of HR people. It saves time in training employees or supervisors and managers—half-hour increments here and there versus days compiling information.”

— Angie Iiams

The Results

CRBR has been a BambooHR customer since 2017 and has since added performance management, time tracking, and payroll. Angie started with a solid foundation in BambooHR, then expanded how the business used the software, discovering features to help CRBR continue to flourish.

Consistent User Training: Angie’s push for standardized performance management relies on all five CRBR locations using the same HR software. “I can have training with the supervisors on how to utilize goals or assessments [in BambooHR], or how to do one-on-ones. And across the board, it's the same, no matter the location. That brings that consistency you must have with multiple branches in multiple locations.”

Greater Assessment Accuracy: BambooHR® Performance Management helps Angie spot any discrepancies in the results of their efforts, as she found out after one new employee reported enjoying being mentored by an employee on a job. “The employee he worked with came back and said, ‘Well, the guy was on his phone all the time, wasn’t any good.’” Spotting and correcting misalignments like these helps Angie make real progress toward a better employee experience.

Document Storage Time Savings: With less time spent creating documents, storing them, and chasing signatures, Angie has the time she needs to seek feedback to managers and all “[documents] all go straight to the employee file. There is no time spent sorting A to Z [in paper files]. It saves a tremendous amount of time because that was something I had to spend an entire whole day at the end of each month doing.”

The Challenge

Like many businesses, restoration company CRBR has had trouble finding employees in 2021 as the pandemic recovery continues. With four locations in California and one branch in Reno, Nevada, CRBR needs to communicate continuously to ensure each branch lives up to its values, which they refer to as “the RITE way”: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence.

These values lead them to hire restoration professionals who can relate with clients in some of their hardest moments, such as the aftermath of the devastating Paradise, California wildfires. “Not only do our employees have to have the skills to do their regular positions,” Angie explains, “they have to have a lot of sympathy and empathy for the people that they're helping. That's not always easy to find in the construction industry.”

In this industry, finding employees doesn’t always mean keeping employees long-term, either. As Angie puts it, “With branches struggling with retention, one loss is big. Most of our branches do not have more than 17 or 18 people. So, when you have one person leave to start a company and they take four or five of your employees, that just kills retention.”

The Solution

When Angie began at CRBR, BambooHR already played a pivotal role in helping CRBR keep up with their hiring, time tracking, and payroll operations. But Angie saw how much more BambooHR could do to help CRBR create a consistent culture and a better employee experience, two ingredients for better retention. Here are some of the simple yet powerful tools Angie uses in BambooHR:

Seamless Onboarding: “I have had several employees tell me that it was the easiest onboarding process that they had ever gone through before. Everything is right there. You go to your documents to see everything that you signed. You can pull up the handbook if you need it, the safety handbook if you need it, the IIPP or whatever you need, it's right there at your fingertips.”

Employee Self-Service Links: “We have our benefits platform, retirement platform, as well as our training platform listed. We want to make sure employees have access to whatever they need right on the homepage.”

Payroll Document Delivery: “Where can you go and see your pay stubs and your W-2 with a company?...With BambooHR, everything stays in one place; you determine where you want to store documentation and information, it resides there, and it's there when you need it. And it's there forever.”

Direct Performance Communication: “I can have a supervisor put a note in [BambooHR Performance Management] and we can review and discuss next steps. I can look at the previous write ups because they've been uploaded. The documentation is amazing.”

Seamless Customer Support: “Customer service with BambooHR is outstanding. It's far superior to any customer service in any type of business or anywhere. If I called my bank and my friend worked there, I wouldn't get the kind of customer service I get with BambooHR.”

About CRBR

For more than 60 years, CRBR (formerly Cleanrite Buildrite) has restored homes and businesses, from the smallest water damage emergency to full-scale fire disasters. Their experienced and highly skilled employees help overwhelmed clients get back to normal life.


Construction - Reconstruction and Restoration


Chico, California

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