Meet Brittany Call

Senior Director of People Operations

“The thing I love most about the onboarding process [in BambooHR] is the fact that we don't miss any forms anymore. The system perfectly walks our employees through every document they need to complete.”

— Brittany Call

The Results

BambooHR helps Lucid’s people and culture team stay on top of their fast-growing workforce and focus on the employee experience with easy, efficient onboarding.

HOURS OF TIME SAVED: “When we first went digital with our onboarding process about four years ago, it saved our onboarding team several hours per onboarding group. And as we've continued to grow, the time savings have gotten bigger and bigger. ...If we didn't have BambooHR, especially to help us digitize our onboarding process, we'd be spending countless hours managing manual processes and paper forms.” – Kat

FREEDOM TO FOCUS ON AND IMPROVE THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE: “BambooHR has set me free to focus on the employee experience. My team is better able to manage all of our information and our data so that we can go and focus on the things that employees value most.” – Brittany

RAPID GROWTH BACKED BY CENTRALIZED EMPLOYEE DATA: “I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like growing this quickly if we didn't have BambooHR. Having a system that we can use as our source of truth—where we can keep all of our employees’ information, all of the changes processing through this company, and keeping track of everybody who is starting—is incredibly important to growing our business.” – Brittany

HAPPY, ENGAGED NEW HIRES: “We do engagement surveys for all of our new hires, and we've maintained a 98.9% satisfaction rate for our onboarding processes. Our employees are very happy with how efficient everything is as well as the information that they get to help them move into their new roles.” – Brittany

The Challenge

Lucid has an ambitious mission—to help teams see and build the future. And the company’s workforce goals are no less ambitious. In the last seven years, Lucid has grown by more than 650 employees and plans to grow another 40 percent in 2021, which keeps their people and culture team busy with recruiting and onboarding.

But the tech industry is a competitive hiring market; people want to join organizations “to build something meaningful. A company's culture, mission, and vision are a critical part of that,” explains Karl Sun, Lucid’s co-founder and CEO. So Lucid needs to show candidates and new hires from the get-go that theirs is a people-centered culture.

Kat Judd, senior VP of people and culture, puts the importance of onboarding in perspective: “You can spend a lot of time trying to convince possible recruits that you have a great company culture, but you really only have one first impression, and once that employee has decided to join your company, that day one is really important.”

In this “war for talent,” as Karl describes it, Lucid relies on BambooHR to efficiently manage onboarding and employee data, so they can focus on putting people first, create an inviting and thriving culture, and keep up with their growing workforce.

The Solution

PREBOARDING FOR BETTER FIRST DAYS (AND LESS PAPERWORK): “BambooHR has been wonderful in improving our onboarding experience because it's been able to take the really mundane, boring HR paperwork and [digitally] capture all of that information from the employee before their first day. That way, we're able to focus on the employees’ experience: getting to know their coworkers, learning more about Lucid, and [their] role.” – Brittany

A SINGLE SOURCE FOR ALL ONBOARDING DATA: “BambooHR has saved us countless hours of working through paper HR forms, and even better is that we have one spot for all of our onboarding tasks and documentation—for Lucid, that's about 30 onboarding documents and tasks.” – Kat

WARMER WELCOMES ALL AROUND WITH EMPLOYEE ACCESS: “I think it's wonderful that tenured employees are able to see who’s starting at Lucid. They can go to the BambooHR Home page, see all the new hires’ pictures, and get an idea of who's joining our team. It's also been helpful for our [new] employees because they're able to go and look at the company org chart, which helps navigate their way through the organization.” – Brittany

AN EASY-TO-USE TOOL WITH THOUGHTFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: “When I joined Lucid, I got to know BambooHR very well, very quickly, and I really appreciate that somebody from BambooHR actually reached out to me in my first weeks to introduce themselves and help me understand how to best use the product.” – Kat

About Lucid

Lucid is a visual collaboration suite that helps teams see and build the future. Virtual whiteboarding, intelligent diagramming, and cloud visualization come together to empower organizations to take plans from initial ideas all the way to successful delivery. Lucid’s products are used in over 180 countries by more than 30 million users.




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