Meet Josh Franklin

HR Program Manager at CTI, Inc.

“Getting approval to use BambooHR as our all-in-one HR system was a win for CTI. BambooHR® made it simple to show how easy [payroll] can be, and secured all our files in the cloud.”

— Josh Franklin

The Results

For Josh​ Franklin​, the convenience of having everything together in one HR system is ideal and saves him and his employee’s time. “I love being able to go to one place for everything,” he says. “We’ve consolidated many systems into BambooHR, and the goal is for our employees to never need to leave the system.”

DRASTIC REDUCTION IN PAYROLL COMPLETION TIME:​​ As Josh points out, “Payroll now takes 20 minutes compared to four days.” Before BambooHR, Josh dealt with a multisystem payroll process that included a 28-page pay agreement and required drivers to ship their travel logs every pay period.​​ ​

FAST AND EASY DATA RETRIEVAL AND REPORTING: BambooHR has freed up over 30 hours per month for CTI’s HR department. Additionally, ​Josh and his team ​can now easily generate weekly reports with graphs and relevant data and quickly send them to both managers and executives.

“The biggest change from our old HRIS to BambooHR is the ability to report,” says Josh. “Now, we have the ability to pull reports and dive through the analytics with ease.” ​

EFFORTLESS TRANSITION TO DIGITAL SYSTEMS: BambooHR was easy to learn and start using for everyone at the company.​ ​We ultimately went with BambooHR because it was the easiest to use,” says Josh. “BambooHR made it easy to be in compliance with evolving workforce legislation.”​

The Challenge

CTI, Inc. was established in 1930 as a modest family-owned company and has since expanded considerably, outgrowing its original processes. These legacy processes eventually became a considerable obstacle, resulting in excessive time and cost burden for the entire organization. It became apparent that the company needed to move beyond the "we do it this way because it's always been done this way" mentality and adopt more efficient and practical methods.

As an integral part of the HR team, Josh was instrumental in recognizing that CTI's technology processes, systems, and software needed to be modernized. In 2017, when Arizona's paid sick time law was enacted, he saw it as an ideal opportunity to implement these changes and promptly identified the requirement for a more comprehensive and advanced HR platform to manage the company's new legal obligations effectively.

LACK OF DIGITIZATION FOR EMPLOYEE RECORDS: CTI, Inc. relied on physical filing cabinets to store employee records​. Locating necessary documents was a​ complex process ​that​ sometimes took hours​.​​ ​

COMPLEX, MULTISYSTEM PAYROLL ​PROCESS​​: CTI and its subsidiary had multiple payroll systems that did not sync with one another, creating a complex and multi-system payroll process. This required manual data entry of hard copy timecards, time edits, and the use of different programs, which made completing payroll a challenging task with room for many data entry errors. In addition, the pay agreement consisted of 28 extensive pages, further adding to the complexity of the process. With all these factors combined, completing payroll consumed up to four days every week, making it an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

NEED TO COMPLY WITH NEW LEGISLATION: Evolving workforce legislation​ increased the pressure on Josh to find smoother, easier processes for ensuring and providing compliance. ​

The Solution

CTI chose BambooHR to be its all-in-one HR system, finally solving its payroll and paperwork woes while assuring compliance with Arizona and New Mexico’s legislation on paid sick time. They consolidated CTI’s multisystem payroll process into BambooHR® Payroll and transitioned their ​drivers to hourly pay, officially moving away from manual processes, such as requiring drivers to ship travel logs via FedEx each pay period.

​​​“BambooHR has been a lifesaver,” says Josh. “It’s made it a lot easier to track documents and their expiry dates for our drivers instead of just using Excel where one mistake and the whole table can be deleted.” ​​

​​​INDUSTRY CUSTOMIZATIONS​​: The support team at BambooHR helped ​CTI build out a Compliance tab to further customize the platform to ​their ​precise needs. In this tab, CTI can now track and store information pertinent to the trucking industry, such as driver’s licenses and documentation required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).​ ​​

​​​IMPORTING​​: “The import feature is literally a click of a button,” says Josh. “We built our templates off the table itself, uploaded the file, matched the fields, and clicked import. I use the import feature almost every day, so it’s been amazing to be able to easily import information.” ​

About CTI, Inc.

CTI, Inc.’s services are integral to Arizona’s mining and construction industries, offering safe and reliable transportation of products and services to many customers across the Southwestern United States. Their operations cover 14 locations in Arizona and western New Mexico.


Transportation and Logistics


Arizona and New Mexico, United States

Number of Employees



Payroll, Time Tracking, and Employee Records

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