Meet Jonathon Bartlett

Chief Human Resources Officer at Indica Labs

BambooHR Payroll is designed to handle multi-state taxation in terms of income and withholding. When adding a state in the system, it starts prompting you where to go to register and how to set it up. It’s easy for novices and for experts to navigate and activate! I love BambooHR.”

— Jonathon Bartlett

The Results

RAPID AND EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION: Using an aggressive timeline helped along by clear project milestones from the dedicated implementation team at BambooHR, Indica Labs implemented the software in less than a month. And when it came time to upload all the physical paperwork that had been slowing them down into the system, templates and instructions from BambooHR made going paperless clear and easy.

DOUBLED HR PRODUCTIVITY WITH EASY DATA ACCESS: After implementation, Indica Labs’ HR team started seeing procedural efficiency gains right away, from streamlined onboarding and open enrollment to being able to access a central, secure database for pulling necessary data and easily generating reports.

STELLAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Jonathon Bartlett, Chief Human Resources Officer at Indica Labs, says his favorite BambooHR feature is the ability to autonomously fix errors in employee records, something he rarely found in other payroll systems. And for larger concerns, Jonathon can count on a dependable customer team. “BambooHR has A+, stellar customer support, and that makes it easy to stay with the system,” Jonathon says. “If I do have questions or concerns, it’s very easy to access an expert.”

The Challenge

LACK OF DATA VISIBILITY: Indica Labs’ data was scattered across digital files, multiple payroll systems, and physical documents, which turned even the most basic request for information into a complex slog through filing cabinets and spreadsheets. Without an efficient way to access and share a complete view of Indica Labs’ employee and business data, making collaborative, data-driven decisions was functionally inhibited, if not impossible.

NO AUDIT TRAIL PUT COMPANY AT RISK: Without the procedural advantage of HR software, Indica Labs lacked a reliable process to track data and keep an easily accessible audit trail. This was a major concern, as Indica Labs needed a fast, clear way to demonstrate compliance with government contracts and payroll taxes.

GLOBAL PRIVACY COMPLIANCE CHALLENGES: As a company with employees worldwide, Indica Labs must comply with both US privacy laws and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). With Indica Labs relying on manual systems without built-in regulation checks, maintaining compliance for their massive amounts of data and spreadsheets was a time-consuming challenge with serious implications.

GLOBAL LABOR AND TAX COMPLIANCE CHALLENGES: Penalties for payroll tax non-compliance were becoming a repeated and increasing issue due to Indica Labs’ manual system. They were in desperate need of a system that ensured relevant federal and international labor laws and tax regulations were being adhered to across the organization.

The Solution

In 2019, the team at Indica Labs attended a SHRM event with the express purpose of finding an all-in-one HR and payroll system that could support employees spread across more than 19 states and several global locations, help Indica Labs maintain compliance, and get rid of manual processes.

BambooHR reps were also in attendance at the SHRM event, and as a simple, easy-to-use, all-in-one HR solution, it was a clear choice for Indica Labs. After adoption, Indica Labs was quickly able to resolve its compliance challenges, and everything began to run smoothly. “I’ve done a lot of implementations in my career and there is always something wrong. My biggest surprise with BambooHR is when the data was ready, there was not a single error," said Jonathon.

When asked to describe the biggest difference between his experience before BambooHR and after, Jonathon said, “It’s easy to tell when things are running smoothly, and with BambooHR, 99.99 percent of the time any issues that arise are due to manual error.”

About Indica Labs

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