Meet Kirsty McDaid

People Systems and Analytics Lead at END.

“BambooHR completely revolutionized everything we’re doing. We have a proper central storage space for HR data and the reporting suite available, which helps with everything we’re doing on a daily basis.”

— Kirsty McDaid

The Results

BETTER DATA VISIBILITY AND REPORTING: Before BambooHR, END. had limited access to a minimal amount of data. Six weeks after implementation began, BambooHR was live for END.’s People Team, arming them with visibility into their own data for the first time. END. was finally able to start collecting data and running standard and custom reports with ease, leading to smarter, data-backed decisions.

MORE TIME SAVED WITH EMPLOYEE AND MANAGER SELF-SERVICE: “Employees suddenly had visibility to HR data, and managers had access to relevant employee information such as emergency contacts,” says Kirsty. This meant employees didn’t have to call on the People Team for every request, saving everyone time.

SIMPLIFIED, EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: BambooHR also helped END. streamline their annual review process by turning hour-and-a-half meetings into forms that could be easily completed online. They completed an impressive 75 percent of reviews company-wide this way, a quarter more than in previous years.

The Challenge

AN ILL-FITTING HR SYSTEM: END. found their previous HR module to be too complex for their needs and were looking for a cleaner, simpler HR system.

NEED FOR A SCALABLE SOLUTION: Since END. was planning to expand its workforce with added headcount, they needed a system that would scale with them.

LACK OF DATA TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS: Prior to implementing BambooHR, END. was having a hard time gleaning insights from their overly complex HR system. Wanting to make smarter, data-driven decisions, they knew they needed a repository of data to pull from cleanly and easily.

The Solution

After deciding to move away from their previous HR software, END. chose BambooHR for their new HR system because of the look and feel, communications enablement, and ability to send, receive, and sign paperwork.

Initially, END. was planning to roll out BambooHR over the span of several months, one department at a time, but as COVID-19 hit, END.’s plans swiftly changed. When the UK shut down in March 2020, END. needed a way to communicate with employees company-wide, so BambooHR went live for all departments overnight.

Implementing BambooHR helped END. streamline the furloughing process and communicate updates to employees. For those furloughed, using BambooHR to receive contract changes and send back signed documents simplified the process. “Having BambooHR made it a lot easier,” says Kirsty McDaid, END.’s People Systems and Analytics Lead. “Otherwise, we would have been doing mass mailers, and it would have been a nightmare.”

About END.

Since its founding in 2005, END. has evolved into a technology-led retailer that provides luxury and contemporary apparel, homeware, and exclusive sneaker drops to a global audience.


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