Meet Becky Thompson

“I think having Employee Satisfaction has been really important, especially during this weird time that we live in, to have a way for people to share their thoughts.”

— Becky Thompson

The Results

With the help of BambooHR, Becky instituted regular performance conversations that have led to more employee development opportunities. She’s also opened multiple channels for employees to give anonymous feedback to leadership about their experience at the company. Both changes have helped Gravy Analytics’ HR and company leaders better understand and respond to employee concerns.

ACTIONABLE FEEDBACK FROM CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE CONVERSATIONS: “I have witnessed people getting more actionable, interesting feedback, more kudos—all the feedback has been more relevant. It’s just opened up the dialogue, and that’s the most important thing—that people are actually talking.”

A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE: “Employee Satisfaction is helping management understand what’s on people’s minds in a way that is more comfortable because it’s anonymous. We address the employee satisfaction survey with the management team, our CEO reads all the comments, and summary data is shared with our board. It also gives us an opportunity to dig in further.”

A PEOPLE-FOCUSED CULTURE WITH OPEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION: “As a result of the Employee Satisfaction survey, we’ve also implemented a virtual suggestion box. It’s a simple thing, and people can go write in what’s on their mind, and again it’s 100 percent anonymous. We want people to have the ability to tell us things all the time. It’s not always easy to raise your hand and point out a problem. But we can’t fix things that we don’t know about, so we always have this anonymous channel available to people.”

INSIGHTFUL HR REPORTING AND DATA ANALYTICS: “I use BambooHR for monthly reporting and trend analysis. We review metrics related to turnover, diversity, and demographics. We specifically look at how our employee population is broken down by age group and by years of service. And then we look at the Employee Satisfaction surveys by age groups and years of service too, so we can see, ‘Is there something we need to be focusing on in the organization? Something we need to dig more into?’”

The Challenge

When Becky Thompson joined Gravy Analytics in 2019, she was the company’s first HR Director, and her top priorities were streamlining processes and finding ways to better support employees and management with the help of technology. After conducting one-on-one interviews with every Gravy Analytics employee—50 at the time—Becky found two big opportunities to help employees. The first was with performance management. “One of the main things I learned,” Becky recalls from her interviews, “was that people were not getting adequate feedback about how they were doing.” From previous experiences, she knew that performance management software could make it much faster and easier for employees and managers to do performance reviews. The second opportunity Becky identified was regarding employee satisfaction. As the sole HR pro at a growing tech company, she needed a way to standardize and scale feedback in both directions to help employees feel heard and keep developing the company’s culture and benefits.

The Solution

Having already used BambooHR at a previous company, Becky knew it had the right set of tools to meet Gravy Analytics’ HR needs and that it would be quick to implement and easy for everyone to use.

EASY PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT THAT ENCOURAGES COMMUNICATION: “My mind just kept coming back to what I experienced at my last company using BambooHR, and I thought, ‘This process is easy.’ It’s meant to just inspire dialogue and get managers and employees talking. We’re all in this together, and we’re going to get better together.”

INSIGHTFUL EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK THAT INCREASES TRANSPARENCY: “If we see themes, we’ll talk about those things in our All Hands meetings and pick out a couple of things that we’re working on. We always share the scores and the trends that we see at every meeting because we want to be transparent.”

HELPFUL FEATURES THAT KEEP UP WITH NEW NEEDS: “We recently transitioned to Unlimited PTO, so I moved time off management to BambooHR in August. Over time, we’ve adopted more BambooHR functionality, which makes me feel good because I know we’re getting the value.”

About Gravy Analytics

Founded in 2011, Gravy Analytics is the enterprise location technology company providing actionable intelligence to businesses. Using its patented technology, the company brings data about people, places, and events together to understand human mobility, helping companies enhance their sales and marketing strategies and optimize business operations.




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