Meet Scheherazarde Roddie-Bolden

Director of Human Resources at KIPP Nashville Public Schools

“At KIPP Nashville, ​students​ are at the center of what we do. BambooHR helped us ensure our staff was happier so they could focus on the students and ​create academically excellent schools​.”

— Scheherazarde Roddie-Bolden

The Results

Since adopting BambooHR in 2017, KIPP Nashville​​​ grew staff by 250% while elevating the employee experience.

SIMPLIFIED PTO REQUESTS AND APPROVAL WORKFLOWS: With time-off administration and processes now contained in one secure system, KIPP Nashville staff members can enjoy a seamless, unified experience no matter their location. For example, if any staff member wants to edit a PTO request, they can easily do so through their BambooHR profile on desktop or mobile, keeping permissions in place while payroll and PTO balances stay accurate.

96% ONBOARDING SATISFACTION RATE: With intuitive, easy-to-navigate processes and workflows, BambooHR​ helps​ minimize ​confusion​ for staff and new hires​,​ ​decreasing ​repetitive questions during the onboarding process. “96% of our new hires say this is the best onboarding process they’ve ever been through,” says Scheherazarde.

ORGANIZED, ACCURATE DATA FOR STRATEGIC DECISION-MAKING: It’s uncommon for HR in the education sector to have an easy way to turn day-to-day work and feedback into useful analytics, but BambooHR changed that for KIPP Nashville. “BambooHR helped us create ​data-informed​ turnover report​s by coding the exit surveys​,” says Scheherazade, “so we were able to ​provide our​ leadership the attrition data and identify how we can improve our employee experience.”

With BambooHR, Scheherazade and her team can spin up instant reports for KIPP Nashville’s leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions that keep the nonprofit’s mission moving forward.

The Challenge

LACK OF SCALABILITY: Legacy systems and manual processes created complex problems and headaches across KIPP Nashville’s multiple campuses as the organization​ grew​​​​​. “As we scaled, we realized our need for streamlined and unified HR processes was a need and not a desire,” says Scheherazarde.

SLOW, ERROR-PRONE RECORD KEEPING: In addition to onboarding inefficiencies, a lack of automation and dependence on manual record-keeping made other important functions unreliable and cumbersome, including putting together reports, accurately tracking PTO, and recording the licensure status of teaching staff.

A RISE IN OVERALL DISSATISFACTION AND FRUSTRATION: Tedious, unreliable processes constantly pulled staff energy and resources away from more meaningful work, such as finding ways to better serve KIPP Nashville’s student body.

LACK OF INSIGHT INTO ATTRITION: “When I first started at KIPP Nashville, we ​did not have insight into​​​ why people were leaving,” Scheherazarde remembers. And since KIPP Nashville had such limited visibility into the metrics that affect turnover, it limited their ability to make informed decisions to address it.

The Solution

In BambooHR, everything works together to streamline essential HR processes, including KIPP Nashville’s onboarding, time tracking, and time off process. The ability to customize in BambooHR also played a role in KIPP Nashville’s decision to adopt it as an all-in-one solution to their HR needs.

“The compatibility BambooHR had with education was out of this world!” says Scheherazarde. “We were not only able to customize it to track essential things like licensure, but we were able to ​track the completion of key onboarding documents creating a smooth transition for new hires​.”

With the help of BambooHR, Scheherazarde revamped KIPP Nashville’s onboarding process to include detailed orientation videos and other resources to create tailored first days for staff members. Additionally, custom fields have been added to track education-specific metrics, such as license and certifications,​ access to student-facing systems​, and more.

“BambooHR met our needs at a different level,” says Scheherazarde, “to the core of what we are doing as tracking important metrics such as ​access to student-facing systems​ and licensure is as important as HR compliance.”

About KIPP Nashville Public Schools

Part of the national Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) network of tuition-free, public charter schools across the U.S., KIPP Nashville currently operates eight schools and educates over 3,100 students in grades K-12; preparing them to pursue their chosen paths.


Education, Non-Profit


Nashville, Tennessee

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