Meet Amy Boston

Employee Success Manager at LionHeart Critical Power Specialists

BambooHR is easy to use, and the support is excellent. And that's what HR professionals want.”

— Amy Boston

The Results

BAMBOOHR® TIME TRACKING SAVES TIME AND HEADACHES: We had been tracking hours on Excel spreadsheets, so it was insane.... Every Tuesday I was tracking down information, having to beg managers to approve time, manually entering [data], adding up was a complete and utter headache. BambooHR easily saves three to four hours per week. It's also eliminated issues with us [manually] adding things up incorrectly.”

PROJECT TRACKING ENABLES DATA-DRIVEN STRATEGIZING: “I'm using [project tracking] right now for training.... [We’ll be] able to pull [training] numbers, and then we can put an actual metric in place and be able to put some dollars to it. We could figure the average employee’s hourly wage, use the information from Project Tracking for hours spent training, and then budget for total training costs for the new hires we need next year.”

ENTHUSIASTIC ADOPTION COMPANYWIDE: “I don't have to talk people into using BambooHR. It just takes an employee a couple of clicks and they're sold.... I can't say enough good things about it.... I utilize BambooHR a hundred and twenty percent.”

The Challenge

Keeping track of employee hours and manager approvals with a hodge-podge of spreadsheets and calendars is a logistical nightmare—and that was only the first challenge facing Amy Boston when she joined LionHeart Critical Power Specialists in 2018.

As the employee success manager at LionHeart, Amy was the first HR manager the growing company had ever hired. When she stepped into her new role, she quickly recognized that manual HR processes and paperwork were holding the company back in several areas, costing them time and money and inviting errors. But she also knew an ideal solution. “As soon as I knew I was getting the job,” Amy recalls, “I said the first thing we have to do is have a budget for BambooHR.”

Amy had used BambooHR for four years at her previous employer. She knew firsthand that the software could streamline and automate time tracking and countless other HR tasks and deliver a wealth of solid business benefits.

The Solution

Amy has helped LionHeart become more efficient and achieve its potential thanks to support from a few standout features in BambooHR:

OUTSTANDING EASE OF USE AND COMPLETE EMPLOYEE ADOPTION: “BambooHR is user-friendly.... Training employees on it is super easy.... People just pick it up, and it's very intuitive.”

WORLD-CLASS ONBOARDING: “My favorite [BambooHR feature] is onboarding. It really makes us look super professional when we make that good first impression on our new hires.... I get great feedback from all of the new hires because they think our onboarding is really slick.”

SIMPLE AND MEANINGFUL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: “It asks just a few very concise questions that really get to the heart of the matter. So no longer do I have to track down pages and pages of a performance evaluation. I don't have to pick on managers to get this information to me; it's all automated. BambooHR® Performance Management sends out emails and basically does the work for you.”

EASY CUSTOM VIEWING PERMISSIONS: “I love being able to set up permissions for certain people to be able to pull reports and things. ... The IT guy can get certain information. [Our] legal counsel has access to certain information. The owners have information they can get to.... You don't have to wait for me to answer your question. So it’s setting people free.”

About LionHeart Critical Power Specialists

LionHeart is a leading provider of highly technical repair and maintenance services for commercial generators and other critical power equipment. LionHeart serves a large and loyal clientele in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Their experts are widely sought to solve some of the most difficult critical power issues throughout the United States.




Huntley, Illinois

Number of Employees



Time Tracking, Project Tracking, New-Hire Onboarding, Performance Management

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