Meet Devra Fregin

Practice Manager at Clinica Colorado

“[BambooHR] has made it so much easier for me to do my job, and adding payroll took it to the next level. . . . It is less time on my part, less errors, and less of a financial cost.”

— Devra Fregin

The Results

Less Time Checking for Accuracy: Because she was using one system for time tracking and another system for payroll, Devra had to spend hours double checking and triple checking to make sure her payroll was accurate. And on top of that, a significant amount of time went into scanning, uploading, and attaching documents. Making the switch to BambooHR® Time Tracking and payroll “[has] saved me at least a couple hours each time I run payroll,” she explains. "It has definitely saved us a significant amount of time.”

Everything in One Place: Devra doesn’t have to spend time jumping back and forth between systems now that she has payroll with BambooHR. “It’s so clean, so easy to find things you’re looking for. I like that it’s all in one place. I can go into BambooHR, go through the timecards, eyeball them to make sure there isn’t anything that looks out of the ordinary, then click on payroll and [all the information is there]. It’s just one login, one system.”

The Challenge

When Devra first started at Clinica Colorado, it was daunting taking on all the HR tasks on top of all her other responsibilities as practice manager, and it didn’t help that she had an incredibly labor-intensive payroll process.

Jumping between two systems meant she had to “make sure all the hours were approved, figure out what were work hours vs. PTO vs. overtime, go into the payroll system, manually input that information, make sure the benefits and everything else were correct, and make sure any incentives and reimbursements were correct.”

But the time-consuming process didn’t stop there. After running payroll, she had to print out all the reports, print out all the paystubs, and upload everyone’s documents into BambooHR. “I’m a perfectionist, and there was still a lot of room for error. It was not fun for me.”

Devra knew it was only a matter of time before the effort of using separate systems would become overwhelming. When she heard about payroll software in BambooHR, it was as though a light had appeared at the end of the payroll tunnel. “I was very excited when BambooHR came out with payroll, and I was able to say, ‘Let’s add this!’”

The Solution

Devra has freed up time for herself and given her employees better access to their own information, so their payroll process is now smoother than ever before.

Simple Employee Self-Service: “[My employees] love the paystubs [feature]. You don’t have to go searching, it’s right there.... I try to give employees as much information as possible so they can do what they need to do. It’s immediate access for them, so they can get what they need, and it’s less time for me answering 20 different questions when I have other things I need to be doing.”

One Place for Friendly Customer Support: “It’s nice to have only one company to go to if I have questions. For reporting, I would have to go to one company, but if there was an error and I forgot somebody’s additional pay or reimbursement I would have to go to the other company. It’s nice to have everything under one umbrella with BambooHR...and [the] customer service is amazing.”

Fun, Easy-to-Use Software: “When I was a new employee with a lot of things to remember, it was super nice to go to BambooHR and see that it was pretty user friendly, I could find what I needed, and they had great fact sheets, videos, and trainings. ...You don’t want to mess around with people’s pay. You don’t want to mess around with their benefits. So it’s nice to have a company that has a product that’s easy and fun to use.”

Access from Anywhere with the Mobile App: “With the app, everything is readily available. If someone needs their information for a loan application or for whatever reason, they can go right in from wherever and find it.”

No More Paper Forms: “Digitizing things is awesome. …I never go in the filing cabinet anymore. If I have something [to file], I scan it in and attach it in BambooHR. If three employees want information, or if my boss needs information, instead of digging through paper files and finding each thing I need, everything is in BambooHR. I click on a person’s name, click on their documents, and it’s all there. It’s a lot easier to help employees.”

About Clinica Colorado

Clinica Colorado provides high-quality healthcare to people without insurance or who are unable to obtain primary care services. Their vision is to make sure all Colorado residents have access to affordable healthcare.




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