Meet Rob Scott

Chief Operating Officer at Smart WFM

“The way BambooHR has designed the product has been very thoughtful—they’ve really, genuinely understood the need of the employee as well as the need of HR. It’s been great. We’re so lucky that we found BambooHR. I still thank my lucky stars that we didn’t land with anyone but them.” – Rob Scott

The Results

Upgrading Smart WFM’s previous HR service to BambooHR has vastly improved employees’ experience with HR and made it easier for employees to onboard with the company, access HR services and personal info, and grow as professionals no matter where they’re located.

Single, Accessible System of Record

With a centralized employee database, HR and employees can more quickly and accurately access employee records, training and certifications, company information, important links, internal surveys, and more.

Customizable for a Global Workforce

COO Rob Scott can make all the customizations necessary to suit the Australia-based company’s needs and support employees around the world. “The BambooHR ability to configure and customize BambooHR to fit our needs is the simplest method of any I have experienced,” he explains. “It's just so logical in terms of where you go to find something.”

People-Forward Performance Reviews

Rob found Performance Management to be especially in line with the Smart WFM’s people-focused approach. “We wanted a place for discussion to happen without being overly controlled or restrictive,” he says. “We wanted genuine discussion, not a tick-box exercise. ... Performance Management really allows us to put people at the center of performance. People can focus on who they are and who they want to be, as opposed to some artificial structure around that. It’s been a mechanism that has really helped us maintain our team’s sense of camaraderie.”

Improved Onboarding Consistency and Effectiveness

“Onboarding is absolutely fantastic,” says Rob. “Most employees have commended us and said, ‘Wow, Rob, that’s the most impressive onboarding exercise I’ve gone through in my entire career.’ We love that. For new hires, this is often their first introduction to who we are as an organization, so for us, BambooHR has been a very powerful tool that helps us reflect who we are as a company. We are a data-focused company that uses technology to empower employees as opposed to just giving them more technology to use.”

The Challenge

Smart WFM’s previous HR system was prohibitively complex and outdated. As a result, the HR team remained mired in time-consuming processes while employees lacked easy access to important HR info and services.

Lack of HR Access and Visibility

Without easy access to their own records, Smart WFM’s employees needed to go to HR for every request, creating frustrating roadblocks for everyone.

Time-Consuming, Error-Prone Manual Processes

Overloaded with manual processes and the inefficiencies that go with them, Smart WFM’s small HR team needed a more easy-to-use, up-to-date HR system to help streamline tasks as simple (yet time-consuming) as researching employee information.

Dissatisfying Onboarding Process

Smart WFM’s previous HR software didn’t include onboarding tools, so onboarding new employees was a slow, challenging process, often taking three months to complete. Additionally, HR and line managers had to depend on spreadsheets, frequently resulting in incomplete files.

The Solution

“I didn't think there was anybody in Australia that was using BambooHR,” says Rob, who has worked with HR tech his whole career and was familiar with BambooHR by name only. As he began investigating new solutions for Smart WFM’s challenges, he was surprised to learn that BambooHR already “had hundreds of customers in the country.”

“We needed our HR software to grow with us,” he adds, but flexibility, customization, and quality support was also essential. They found it all with BambooHR. “What’s so nice to see is a vendor that actually responds,” Rob emphasizes. “It’s been a very different experience for us using BambooHR.”

Jerrod McGrath, CEO at Smart WFM, agrees: “BambooHR makes the entire people process simple and streamlined. We love working with BambooHR because they care, listen, and act.”

About Smart WFM

Smart WFM is a global human capital management (HCM) consultancy specializing in digital transformation. Their service offerings include advisory, implementation, and support (including SLA). They are the largest UKG consulting partner in Asia Pacific.


IT and HR Consulting


Australia, Singapore, Philippines, India, and United States

Number of Employees



Employee Records, Onboarding, Performance Management

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