Employee directory

HR Database That's Accurate and Organized

It’s difficult to be accurate when employee data is jumbled into spreadsheets and paper files. With your data stored in one easy-to-review employee database software, you’ll be able to check and rest assured that your data is accurate. And organized.

  • Compliant and Secure

    You’re not just tracking trivial tidbits. You’re tracking confidential compliance data. Because of that, our system not only ensures accuracy for compliance, but we take extra precautions to provide enterprise-level security for your data.

  • Customizable Employee Database

    Because every company is unique, we can customize your HR database to track pretty much anything you need—whether it be office equipment preferences, favorite punk rock band, whatever. If you’re tracking it on spreadsheets or paper, we can likely think of a more efficient tracking table or tab to add to your account.

  • Historical Data

    Our employee management software doesn’t kick out the old when you bring in the new, and that goes for both data and employees. We’ll keep track of historical data you might need later—like salaries and job titles—as well as the records of former employees. Oh, the memories.