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Introducing Learning Labs!

We love hands-on workshops at BambooHR, and that’s just what Learning Labs are—live sessions with BambooHR product experts walking you through all the steps for setting up and making the most of BambooHR features.
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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
Time Off in BambooHR

In this 2-part workshop series you will learn how BambooHR helps make the process of requesting and approving time off enjoyable for everyone involved. You will learn the basics of how to create your company time off policies, how to manage your employees PTO balances, the process of requesting and approving time off, and reports that will give you Time Off insight, and some other tips and tricks to ensure you are getting the most out of Time Off in BambooHR.

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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
Start Your New Year Off Strong: 10 Payroll Tasks for End of Year Success

Calling all BambooHR payroll users! Prepare your payroll account for a successful end of year with this webinar. We’ll help you clean up your payroll account, prepare year-end reporting, and understand the deadlines to keep things on track and ready to go!

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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
Make Managing Performance Easy with BambooHR

Whether you’re a current BambooHR Performance Management user or interested in learning more, this webinar is for you. Join us to see how BambooHR simplifies assessments, feedback, goal tracking, and other strategic steps to help your employees grow from good to great!

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Take your BambooHR® skills to the next level with BambooHR® Learning.
Explore more of what BambooHR has to offer and get hands-on guidance with our BambooHR Learning courses.
BambooHR Applicant Tracking System Demo
BambooHR Applicant Tracking System Demo

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in BambooHR makes it easy to simplify and organize your hiring processes! In this video we will show you a quick preview of the ins and outs of hiring within BambooHR, as well as include a downloadable frequently asked questions document to help you get the most out of hiring.

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Beginner's Guide to Training
Beginner's Guide to Training

Effective training is at the heart of every successful company. Training in BambooHR brings organization and automation to the way you track training, taking the repetitive and tedious tasks out of your routine. This course will cover the basics of setting up Training in your BambooHR account.

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Beginner's Guide to E-Signatures
Beginner's Guide to E-Signatures

Collecting paper forms can feel like herding cats. One always goes missing, and by the time you have them all organized, they need updating. BambooHR electronic signature software makes the whole process digital, so gathering signatures is fast, organized, environmentally conscious, and painless for everyone involved. This course will help you get started in making your first electronic signature templates.

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Keep a pulse on the latest product updates.
Case Study
How BambooHR Improved Gravy Analytics

See how Gravy Analytics uses BambooHR® Performance Management and Employee Satisfaction to build a workplace that fosters employee and company growth.

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Report | 2022
2022 Compensation Best Practices Report | by Payscale

One of our partners, Payscale, gives insights to help you alter compensation’s role in the Great Reevaluation.

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Using Compensation to Motivate Performance

When employee engagement drops, so does your organization’s performance. Learn how to make your compensation strategy a smart one.

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Navigating the 4 Most Crucial Compensation Conversations

With the right preparation, you can turn compensation conversations into opportunities for employee engagement and organizational growth.

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Welcome to the Marketplace!

With over 90+ vetted partner integrations in our Marketplace, you can make BambooHR fit perfectly with your organization’s individual needs. And if you need to build your own integration, our open API makes it easy to share your BambooHR data across systems.

Nivati Nivati icon

Rather than wasting valuable time entering data into yet another system, this integration allows you to easily pass employee information from BambooHR and into Nivati with the click of a button! We want you to be able to invest in your employees instead of the tedious process of double-entry!

SimplyInsured SimplyInsured icon

SimplyInsured provides unbiased recommendations to find the best fit for your business. The services, recommendations, and online platform are 100% free. Through this offering, customers can provide their account name and zip code, and view a free quote of the plans available.  icon allows you to easily turn your unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows that evolve whenever business needs change. It's simple to build integrations using any API and connect enterprise applications at scale without incremental costs.

Culture Amp Culture Amp icon

Culture Amp can import all your employee data directly from BambooHR using the BambooHR Reports API. You can set up your integration to sync data manually (as triggered by an admin user) or automatically on a daily basis.

Ease Ease icon

Ease helps insurance agencies offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. Today, over 2,000 agencies trust Ease to support benefits needs for more than 75,000 employers.

Papaya Global Papaya Global icon

Hire anywhere and manage your global payroll through one dashboard. Best-in-class payroll solution with no more spreadsheets, compliance violations or errors.

Welcome to the Marketplace! image
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Stay in the Know.
There’s a lot going on at BambooHR, stay in the know.
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