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2023 is closer than you think. Are you payroll-ready? GET PAYROLL
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Canadian and Custom Overtime Are Here!

New to Time Tracking: Custom & Canadian Overtime Rules. No more manual overtime calculations—ever! You can now set custom overtime rules in Time Tracking, and apply standard Canadian Province overtime rules for your Canada-based employees.
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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
See How Easy Enrollment Can Be with Benefits Administration

The crucial work of benefits administration just got the BambooHR treatment! Join us to see how you can provide your whole company with a faster, friendlier, and more accurate benefits experience right in BambooHR—no more master spreadsheets or chasing down paper forms.

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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
Lighten Your Load: How BambooHR Makes it Easier to Build a Supportive Workplace

Employee engagement is essential to helping your business grow, but it’s not easy. Come learn how to keep your people engaged by using eNPS, Wellbeing, and Performance in BambooHR.

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Workshop: Managing Benefits in BambooHR
BambooHR Learning Lab: Time Tracking

This learning lab is for you if: you have purchased the Time Tracking add-on but have not enabled it. Or you have not enabled it completely for all of your Time Tracking employees.

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Take your BambooHR® skills to the next level with BambooHR® Learning.
Explore more of what BambooHR has to offer and get hands-on guidance with our BambooHR Learning courses.
Navigating the Pay Info Tab
Navigating the Pay Info Tab

This course will help you navigate the Pay Info tab, including paystubs, direct deposit, employee tax information, and extra pay.

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Running a Payroll with BambooHR - A Guide from Start to Finish
Running a Payroll with BambooHR - A Guide from Start to Finish

This course will teach you how to run a payroll with BambooHR. It will walk you through the simple three-step process, so you are ready to do it on your own.

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Getting Started with Benefits Administration
Getting Started with Benefits Administration

Congratulations on adding Benefits Administration to your BambooHR account! This course will teach you what you need to know about this feature, such as what to check in your account before setting up Benefits Administration, how to set it up, how employees will enroll, and more.

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Keep a pulse on the latest product updates.
Product Update
Introducing Milestones and a Fresh New Look for Goal Cards

The world of goal-setting is changing, and we’re excited to announce some updates that enable you (and your employees) to set more specific, measurable, and achievable goals!

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Report | 2022
2022 Compensation Best Practices Report | by Payscale

One of our partners, Payscale, gives insights to help you alter compensation’s role in the Great Reevaluation.

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Using Compensation to Motivate Performance

When employee engagement drops, so does your organization’s performance. Learn how to make your compensation strategy a smart one.

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Navigating the 4 Most Crucial Compensation Conversations

With the right preparation, you can turn compensation conversations into opportunities for employee engagement and organizational growth.

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Welcome to the Marketplace!

With over 90+ vetted partner integrations in our Marketplace, you can make BambooHR fit perfectly with your organization’s individual needs. And if you need to build your own integration, our open API makes it easy to share your BambooHR data across systems.

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Nectar helps team members feel valued, connected and engaged no matter where they work. Customers can build camaraderie and celebrate wins both big and small. 15% off for BambooHR customers who are new to Nectar!

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Learn Amp's suite of Learning and Talent Development tools combines with deep industry expertise to prove ‘software with a service' , delivering ROI through improved learning, skills and talent development, which enhances employee experience, increases engagement and improves retention.

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Finch offers a unified API for trusted developers to securely access employment data on behalf of employers from leading payroll providers and HR information systems, such as BambooHR.

Modulus Data Modulus Data icon

Modulus Data’s connectors automatically share data in near real-time from BambooHR to your payroll app via an API-to-API connection. Data sharing goes beyond file transfers to deliver true point-to-point integration.

Nivati Nivati icon

Rather than wasting valuable time entering data into yet another system, this integration allows you to easily pass employee information from BambooHR and into Nivati with the click of a button! We want you to be able to invest in your employees instead of the tedious process of double-entry!  icon allows you to easily turn your unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows that evolve whenever business needs change. It's simple to build integrations using any API and connect enterprise applications at scale without incremental costs.

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Stay in the Know.
There’s a lot going on at BambooHR, stay in the know.
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