Employee Experience & Performance

Authentic feedback fuels growth.

Understand what matters most to your people.

Feedback and sentiment tools in BambooHR help you develop an environment of honest, two-way communication and timely action, setting the stage for growth and a great employee experience.

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Explore Employee Experience and Performance with BambooHR

Employee Satisfaction with eNPS®

Understand how employees feel about your organization and how to make the most impactful changes with our anonymous survey backed by the power of eNPS* scoring and in-depth analytics.

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Performance Management

Managing employee goals and performance assessments in BambooHR helps your organization recognize employees’ hidden potential and support them in current challenges.

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Employee Wellbeing

Focus on your employees’ overall emotional health with frequent check-in surveys measuring happiness, engagement, and relationship health at work.

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Elevate Your Employee Experience

Empower your employees with BambooHR, and give them the tools to be heard, grow in their careers, and make meaningful contributions.

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“It asks just a few very concise questions that really get to the heart of the matter. So no longer do I have to track down pages and pages of a performance evaluation. I don’t have to pick on managers to get this information to me; it’s all automated. BambooHR® Performance Management sends out emails and basically does the work for you.”

Amy Boston, Employee Success Manager | Lionheart Critical Power Specialists

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Resources for Improving the Employee Experience

These valuable resources help you on your journey to creating a great place to work.

The Employee Experience Journey

Tired of researching and comparing? In this short webinar packed with information and first-hand customer stories, we’ll show you how BambooHR makes the dream of all-in-one payroll, time tracking, and benefits data a reality.

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Speedway Motors: Measuring Culture with BambooHR

Hear from Speedway Motors’ director of people operations Betsy Grindlay, a real-life customer, on how BambooHR has helped her organization improve employee performance and company culture.

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Employee Experience Webinars

Looking for tips, tricks, insights, latest trends, and expertise on building a great employee experience? Look no further than our plentiful collection of webinars.

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