31% of HR Managers Say They Need Better Employee Data Protection


Key Takeaways About Data Privacy and HR

1 in 10 Employees Are Victims of Employer Data Breaches

Even if your business hasn’t suffered a data breach, 24% of employees have reported experiences with their employers that caused them to worry about their data privacy.

Yet 31% of HR professionals say their companies lack robust security measures for storing employee data, which underscores the urgent need for improved data security practices within HR departments.

“I worked for a person who left personnel files lying out on their desk, and I saw a coworker go into my file to find out my pay and all of my personal data. When I brought it to the attention of my employer, they said it wasn't a big deal and not to worry about it. I left shortly after that.”

Advice for HR: Protect Your Employee’s Data

Offer Credit Monitoring

If your organization has had a data leak, you can take proactive steps to support your staff, like offering free credit and bank monitoring to everyone affected. That can really help ease the situation and alleviate concerns related to hacks, provide protection, and help you win back employee trust.

Even if you haven’t suffered a data breach, offering identity protection is a great preventative measure and a solid addition to your total compensation package.

“We’ve had data breaches, and the company offered everyone in the company free credit and bank monitoring. Any [Personal Identifying Information] is now protected and insured if you personally get hacked or they get hacked.”

80% of HR Pros Have Seen or Been Guilty of Bad Data Management

34% of employees trust individuals such as their direct manager, the company CEO, work friends, or even artificial intelligence (AI) more than they trust their HR department. Because HR is the front line for employee data protection, earning and keeping employee trust should be priority number one.
“I once asked the chief of staff to send me pictures from a recent event to share on social media, and as he was scrolling through his personal iCloud account photos on his work computer, I realized employee passport and driver’s license images were interspersed throughout his personal photos. It was an enormous red flag and was indicative of bad behavior across the org. So glad I got out when I did.”

Advice for HR: Build Trust in HR

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BambooHR conducted this research using an online survey prepared by Method Research and distributed by RepData among n=1,565 adults age 18+ in the United States who are full-time office/computer workers. Among the sample, n=500 respondents were in an HR functional management role. The sample was equally split between genders, with a spread of age groups and geographies represented, and readable race groups. Data was collected from April 5, 2023, to April 26, 2023.

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