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Pitching HR Software – Why Your Boss Can’t Say ‘NO’

July 20, 2012

Have you reached that I-am-SO-OVER-SPREADSHEETS moment in your professional life? Unfortunately there isn’t a support group for harried HR practitioners in small and medium-sized businesses that can help you pick up the pieces of your patience and fortitude. But the good news is that there is a convenient and easy-to-use human resource software that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to implement. Nor do you have to be the latest Powerball winner to afford it!

BambooHR’s online human resources software is your ticket out of spreadsheet hell. You use your internet connection to access our software online. You don’t have to buy any expensive software licenses or special hardware to run it. With BambooHR, you can track (in one place!) the extensive employee data that often winds up spread across organizations and business functions – from basic contact information to benefits data to compensation, training, and more.

Leave Spreadsheets Behind

If you take a look at our BambooHR website, you’ll find lots of stories from HR pros like yourself. They’ll tell you in their own words why they left spreadsheets behind, and why BambooHR is the system they chose. For instance, North Eastern Services – a successful Utah community service agency with hundreds of employees – explained that “spreadsheets were a mess because only one person could access them at a time.” With multiple locations across the state, NES was further challenged because those spreadsheets “had to be in our main office.” Spreadsheet and database programs in different locations meant that the company “had pieces [of information] all over the place … it took too long to get things done.”

Implementing the BambooHR system is giving efficiency and effectiveness a big boost at NES and many other companies. Maybe you don’t even need to read what your peers in other companies have to say about an online human resources software. Maybe you’re already sold on the benefits and features of BambooHR. There’s just that one final hurdle … convincing the boss!

Making a business case for BambooHR – or for any other business tool or program – means that you need to be able to demonstrate how your company will be better off because of it.

Here are five reasons why your boss can’t afford to say “no” when you propose BambooHR:

1. It’s a bottom-line booster! Sure, it’s easy to say that BambooHR’s web-based system is affordable, but how do you show the boss that it’s a real money saver if the price alone doesn’t convince him or her? Track the time you and your employees spend trying to run down needed information, working with cumbersome spreadsheets, manually preparing reports, finding and correcting errors, etc. Then calculate what that time costs. In a side-by-side comparison with BambooHR’s pricing, it’s a no-brainer!

2. There’s no risk. We believe so firmly in the BambooHR system that we offer you a week’s trial period free. You get to take the system out for a test drive at absolutely no cost. And if that isn’t enough, you also don’t have to sign a contract. No need to retain a team of lawyers, relinquish a pint of blood, or sign over the company assets. Absolute freedom to change your mind at any time is a very convincing benefit! And we put all our promises in writing.

3. A web-based HR management system protects your information. In the news just this week are reports of property losses due to out-of-control fires in one state and flooding caused by a tropical storm in another. Disaster can strike anywhere at any time. Employee data kept in paper files or in software applications in an office could be lost if the unexpected happens. BambooHR enables you to keep your data “in the cloud.” Secure, offsite storage (and automatic backups) means your employee information is always safe and accessible, even if your offices aren’t. Ask the boss what your company’s other business functions will do to protect their information.

4. If your company grows, your BambooHR system grows with it. How many times have you bought something – either at home or at work – only to find that your needs rapidly outgrew the item? The data capacity of your smartphone, or the amount of memory in your computer, for instance. BambooHR engineered flexibility into our online HR management system. We understand that just because you’re a small business now, you probably won’t stay small. Success has that effect on companies! As you add employees, your BambooHR system expands to welcome them onboard. You don’t have to suffer for your success by having to change HR systems mid-stream.

5. Goodbye cookie-cutters – you can customize the BambooHR system to your company. If you haven’t overcome your boss’s concerns about an online HR management system by now, point out that he or she established your company because you’re able to offer products or services that are distinctive, that put you head and shoulders above the competition. BambooHR helps you celebrate that difference. Nearly every aspect of our system is customize-able to meet your needs. That means you include the data you want and your company needs, not the data a software engineer thought you should have.

6. Time savings = greater efficiency = better productivity. Today’s business world is all about doing more with less and that includes less time. BambooHR’s system centralizes your employee data, makes report-building point-and-click easy, and automates many processes that gobble staff time. When your staff has more time, they can invest it in developing new products, building better relationships with customers, exploring new potential markets, and a host of other activities that can help you grow your company or improve its performance. Is there a boss in the world who would say “no” to better efficiency and productivity?

Take BambooHR for a test drive!

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