Meet Gabe Patten

Director of Finance at Power Life

“I really like BambooHR Payroll. I genuinely find it to be really simple and easy to use. It’s offered us enough flexibility to do uploads and make things work for us in a way other payroll providers just don't really have.”

— Gabe Patten

The Results

FLEXIBILITY TO SERVE UNIQUE PAYROLL NEEDS: “We have unique payroll needs, with different ways we pay people and track billable time. Out of over 300 employees, we only have about 35 who are full-time. BambooHR Payroll has offered us enough flexibility to do uploads and make things work for us in a way other payroll providers just don't really have.”

EASIER REPORTING, REVIEW, AND ADJUSTMENTS: “I love the reporting. I like that it’s easy to dig into all the different elements of payroll. I can see everything in one place, spot unexpected issues, and dig into individual profiles to manually adjust things if I need to. And if I do make an update anywhere, it speaks directly to the payroll processing. It’s just simpler.”

A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR HANDLING EXTRA PAY: “It’s really easy to upload extra pay. And with some recent updates to Payroll, the process is even better. It’s simple to see any errors in the upload, and it’s easy to correct them before the upload goes through.”

A FASTER, MORE INTUITIVE WAY TO TROUBLESHOOT: “My payroll process is a lot faster and simpler now that I can run payroll directly in BambooHR. Plus, I’ve found it easier to troubleshoot. With the Run Payroll update, it’s been quick and easy to find and fix issues if they ever come up.”

The Challenge

TOTALLY MANUAL PROCESSES: “We didn’t have an HRIS before BambooHR. It was something we definitely needed. Everything was manual, including payroll, and that made it difficult not only to do HR in general, but to handle our complex payroll needs.”

COMPLEX PAYROLL NEEDS: “We moved to BambooHR Payroll because it works for our moderately complex payroll needs. We pay instructors per class rather than per hour, and we needed to be able to upload class schedules and quantify how often people have taught in a pay period, because we don't use time tracking in a traditional way.”

DIFFICULTY TROUBLESHOOTING PAYROLL ISSUES: “I’ve had employees not included in payroll that I didn’t know weren’t included. In the end, my payroll wouldn’t match, and it would take me a while to problem solve. But with BambooHR, troubleshooting has been really easy.”

The Solution

EASY-TO-USE AND EASY-ON-THE-EYES PAYROLL SOFTWARE: “Payroll in BambooHR looks really nice. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for because it integrates so well with BambooHR, which I already understand. Because of that, it’s pretty intuitive—things are where they should be based on my familiarity with BambooHR.”

A SIMPLE PROCESS THAT BRINGS EVERYTHING TOGETHER: “I like that everything is in one step. Everything is on one page. The uploads are really easy, and it’s easy to make updates and see everything in one spot.”

AN EASY-TO-LEARN, STRIGHTFORWARD USER EXPERIENCE: “My first payroll after the Run Payroll update, I jumped right in and tried it out. I thought it was really easy to use, and I was able to catch on fast. It was really straightforward. It’s easy to tell which employees are and aren’t included in the payroll run. It’s right there on the first screen.”

About Power Life

With locations in Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha, Power Life opened in 2012 as a yoga and group fitness studio dedicated to fostering true connection, health, and wellness in their community.




Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska, US

Number of Employees



Payroll, Time Tracking, Reporting

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