Meet Dara Strickland

HR Manager at Repowered

“Everything about using BambooHR has been superior to every other HRIS I’ve ever used. Our previous system cost three times as much, delivered far less, and was a pain to use. I am thrilled—just so happy—with our choice to go with BambooHR.”

— Dara Strickland



The Results

A PAIN-FREE PAYROLL IMPLEMENTATION EXPERIENCE: “My payroll assistant had been completely traumatized by a previous implementation experience, and it took a lot of convincing to get her to try out another new software in less than a year, but implementation went very smoothly with BambooHR. We got great instructions and really good support. We got to run a mock payroll with the payroll data to see exactly how it worked, making sure witholdings and benefits deductions all came out correctly, until we were comfortable. It was a great experience!”

10 HOURS SAVED PER WEEK: “I’m being too conservative when I say it takes half or even a third of the time to run payroll now. Everything is so well integrated. And it costs quite a bit less than our old system, with better functionality. It probably shaves 10 hours a week off what we were doing before, thanks to how easy it is to use and the ability to give people self-service options and transparency into how their PTO is accruing.”

83% REDUCTION IN TIME SPENT CORRECTING TIME TRACKING ERRORS: “Correcting time tracking errors for our hourly employees used to take three hours every week. Now I'd say it takes about 30 minutes because we catch things as they go along and because people are just more aware of when they’ve had a problem or missed a punch. It makes time tracking much, much easier, and much more transparent.”

EASIER, MORE TRANSPARENT BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION: “Using the new Benefits Administration feature is great. It makes my life a lot easier and aligns very well with the way we do benefits administration. I use it for everybody and can easily scan through elections and see everything on a person-to-person basis. It lets our employees see for themselves what their withholding is going to be and how much their health insurance costs every month. It also lets them easily request changes to their retirement contributions and gives them great visibility into all of their benefits.”

IMPORTANT INITIATIVES MOVED OFF THE BACKBURNER: “With more time freed up by BambooHR, I’m able to work on more projects that aren’t just HR and payroll, like applying for grants, helping people access our services, doing more with compliance and learning and development—stuff that's been on the back burner. We’re not that big of an organization, but we’ve got complex issues as both a business and a nonprofit. Now, I can take on more because I’ve got the time.”

A CONSOLIDATION TECH STACK WITH EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: “We were able to use a lot of BambooHR's functionality to replace a secondary software that we were using for case management because BambooHR was already doing everything and had everything together in one place. In the settings, we were able to give completely unique and customized access to our work-life navigator who runs our job placement program. He can see what he needs to see and approve what he needs to approve. It's been really great just having one system. Amazing actually.”

The Challenge

LACK OF TIMESHEET AND PTO VISABILITY AND USABILITY: “In our old system, employees couldn’t see how their PTO was accruing or check their timesheets without weird workarounds. We wouldn’t know if there were problems until the end of the week. It was taking us three hours on average to go through and do all the corrections every week for our hourly punch-in, punch-out employees.”

POOR RECORDKEEPING AND ACCESS CONTROLS: “Recordkeeping for every nonprofit I've been part of has been a mess, with a new filing system every three years, files in different formats, different naming systems. It’s impossible to find records going back 10 years. Confidentiality is also very important when working with formerly incarcerated individuals, but the ability to have an unlimited number of folders with different permissions, and to keep documents securely all in one place, was functionality we simply didn’t have before. The permissions were very all-or-nothing in the old system.”

A BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION NIGHTMARE: “We had a bad experience previously with believing our HRIS’s benefits administration app was talking to our insurance broker. It wasn't, and we had no indication anything was wrong. Everything looked fine from the payroll end of things. Premiums were coming out fine, and then the ball dropped. It was a major mess we had to spend about three months cleaning up.”

LACK OF EASY-TO-USE EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE TOOLS: “We’ve got people coming in at all levels of comfort levels with technology, with employees who may have been incarcerated for basically the entire touchscreen revolution. It’s incredibly important for them to be able to use modern timekeeping and other HRIS technology. We needed something intuitive that people can pick up right away as we train them back into the modern workforce and lay the groundwork for future positions and job changes. We didn’t have that with our old system.”

About Repowered

Repowered is a nonprofit electronics recycler that securely and ethically retires surplus or unwanted technology for businesses and individuals, provides refurbished products at an affordable price, and creates opportunities for those facing barriers to employment to gain practical work experience and career advancement.




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