Meet Christy Ransom

SVP of Operations at Valuize

“Our CEO reported that no other company at his CEO forum was as advanced as we are in regard to our engagement and HR processes. All that is because we’re using BambooHR.” – Christy Ransom

The Results

Christy Ransom, SVP of Operations at Valuize, doesn’t need a large HR team anymore. Now that she can get more done with less using BambooHR, she can focus on tracking employee satisfaction, facilitating growth and development, and boosting engagement.

70% INCREASE IN EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: After moving on from manual HR processes, Valuize is better able to align with their values of collaboration, diversity, and teamwork, and make a meaningful impact on employee engagement. “BambooHR enables us to take care of the basics and focus on getting engagement going with employees,” says Valuize CEO, Ross Fulton. “Everything we’re doing with the platform, from 360 peer feedback to our quarterly performance assessment check-ins, allowed us to build a comprehensive skills assessment to help our employees grow.”

50% FASTER TIME TO HIRE: By bringing hiring, onboarding, and even employee satisfaction surveys and metrics into BambooHR, Valuize has transformed the way HR and employees experience essential HR processes. “It’s a night and day different experience adopting BambooHR,” Christy says. “Take the hiring process, for example—it has just become much more buttoned-down.”

In regards to onboarding, she adds, “We onboarded a cohort of employees last April when we were fully on BambooHR, and the feedback we received was so much better than the folks who had been brought on without any of the centralized, streamlined systems BambooHR provides.”

80% REDUCTION IN ADMINISTRATIVE WORKLOAD: With BambooHR, Valuize can now get more done with a smaller HR team, so fewer people need to dedicate time and energy into making sure everyone’s HR needs are being met. “Now that I’m a team of one,” says Christy, “I’m glad we have BambooHR because it will mostly run itself.”

The Challenge

Manual processes demand a lot of time and energy—at one point, it took three people to manage the HR processes for just nine Valuize employees.


When Christy started at Valuize, there were nine employees and a three-person HR team, but supporting everyone was still time-consuming and error-prone due to long-standing manual processes. Without a centralized system and streamlined HR functions, it was difficult to even find, update, and stay on top of employee data, including satisfaction and performance data.


“Before BambooHR we were afraid of dropping the ball with candidates by not providing the experience we claim to as part of our values, which we take seriously,” says Christy. “With manual processes, there is so much room for error and delay, which caused us to prioritize getting an HRIS over even a project management system.”


As a startup, Valuize’s policies and systems had come about on an ad-hoc basis, and employee data lived in multiple systems. As a result, the process for retrieving needed information was complex and confusing for employees and administrators.

The Solution

With BambooHR in their corner, the leadership and HR teams at Valuize have more freedom and better tools to create an exceptional employee experience and let their company values shine.

During her search for the right HRIS, Christy appreciated how easy BambooHR made the sales and implementation process. “It’s been my experience when searching for platforms that the sales process is disconnected, with a lack of communication between salespeople,” Christy says. “None of this happens with BambooHR; the process is seamless, and I feel the internal organization and communications are excellent.”

After implementing BambooHR, Christy made quick use of Employee Satisfaction, Employee Wellbeing, and Performance Management, and she scheduled quarterly check-ins for each employee.

"We’re doing everything available in the platform,” she says, “[including] trending and benchmarking, which are huge benefits to us. It holds managers accountable as well as employees by way of a quick check-in of how employees are feeling and asking what they need to be successful.”

About Valuize

As the leading customer lifecycle consulting partner, Valuize helps B2B technology companies transform their strategies and operations to maximize Net Dollar Retention. The team of seasoned practitioners offer a unique blend of experience in Customer Success, Value Engineering, Operations, and more.


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