Meet Marijane Moreau Peterson

Director of Talents and Culture at Viridis Terra International

BambooHR and I are a package deal. If you hire me, I’m making the case for BambooHR. Luckily, Viridis Terra was already using the software when I started.”– Marijane Moreau Peterson

The Results

Language: BambooHR’s language capabilities were a huge boon for Viridis Terra, with seven languages built-in to the platform. This enabled Viridis Terra to provide an accessible platform for all their English, French-Canadian, and Spanish speaking employees.

Task Automation: “When we added team members in Peru, we had to redo some implementation tasks like onboarding,” says Marijane, “But it’s a one-time thing. After that it’s magic. I do it once, and it’s done.”

Time Savings: “Employees have access to personal information in BambooHR,” says Marijane, “And it’s really easy to navigate, meaning there are fewer repetitive questions for me.”

The Challenge

Ongoing HR Hassles: As a startup, Viridis Terra needed to build their infrastructure from the ground up. Without a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), their manual processes opened them up to problems throughout their HR practice.

Needed HR Structure: Viridis Terra recognized the need for more structure for their HR department and better access for employees. It was nearly impossible for employees to find critical information, such as time off balances or timesheet history.

Multi-National Compliance: With employees across Canada, Peru, and the United States, Viridis Terra needed an HRIS to guarantee compliance with multiple country’s laws around time off, pay, etc. They also needed to ensure all their employees would be able to interact with the HRIS in their native language.

The Solution

After using BambooHR, Marijane Moreau Peterson, Director of Talents and Culture at Viridis Terra, found that it far outperformed any HRIS she had previously used. Marijane is such a fan that she and BambooHR are a package deal. “BambooHR is super easy to use as both admin and employee,” says Marijane. “It is complete software with exceptional customer service that extends far beyond the implementation. If I need new customizations, all I need to do is reach out.”

As an HR department of one, Marijane had the opportunity to build the department from the ground up and chose to center things around BambooHR’s capabilities. “BambooHR is extremely important to my job,” says Marijane, “I am building our policies around what BambooHR enables us to do, and that is quite a lot!”

And to accommodate Marijane’s multicultural workforce, the BambooHR language translator feature enables the platform to quickly change to the user’s language of choice.

About Viridis Terra International

Founded in 2015, Viridis Terra is a climate-tech organization that brings together a multidisciplinary, innovative, and experienced team specializing in ecosystem restoration and sustainable management via reforestation.


Environmental Services


Canada, United States, Peru

Number of Employees



Language, Customization, Time Tracking

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