Meet Jane Jaxon

Vice President of People Operations at Wistia

“[Implementation] was fantastic. It’s one of the best software onboarding experiences that I’ve had.”

— Jane Jaxon

The Results

Improved Strategic Focus: Automating administrative tasks has freed Wistia’s HR team to focus on long-term priorities. “The thing that stood out for me,” explained Jane Jaxon, vice president of people at Wistia, “is that the HR team could actually do ‘looking forward’ work, which impacted engagement and retention. Instead of always reacting, there was an opportunity to be more strategic.”

Problems Prevented: “Without BambooHR®, we wouldn't be in a position to handle spikes of recruiting or thinking too far ahead. Having a central record to ensure data integrity, as well as to automate and help us manage onboarding, has allowed us to provide a seamless experience in one of our biggest hiring years.”

Constant Improvement: BambooHR constantly adds new features and refinements that Wistia uses to further streamline HR processes, strengthen company culture, and make informed business decisions. “The velocity with which you release things and also how meaningful they are and helpful they are has been by far the best of any software company that I’ve used for HR, period.”

The Challenge

If you’ve ever had first-day jitters when starting a new job in new surroundings, imagine how reassuring it would be to discover that you’ll be working with an old friend. That’s what happened to Jane when she started her job at Wistia: she found they were using BambooHR, an HRIS she already knew and appreciated from her experience with it at two previous employers.

Wistia faced challenges common in small and medium-sized businesses, such as managing growth, planning for the future, and keeping ever-increasing amounts of data and documents organized. Like the other companies where Jane had worked, Wistia needed to do all this with a very small HR staff. Having the right HRIS was critical to continued success.

The Solution

Jane’s experiences at three very different companies showed her how versatile BambooHR can be in meeting current and future HR needs under a variety of circumstances. “We’ve worked with a lot of software tools for ATS, engagement, etcetera, etcetera, and I all focus on meaningful stuff and you execute it really well and simply.”

Jane named several standout benefits of BambooHR:

Outstanding Ease of Use: “It’s easy-to-use software, which is very important to me...and that’s ultimately why we decided to go with BambooHR. ...It was really intuitive, we had a really high adoption right out of the gate, just felt like the right fit for us.”

Simplified Organization: “The e-signatures and [the] ability to have employee records in the same place as all employee data is huge; it’s way easier than hopping between folders and [Google] Drive or Dropbox.”

Streamlined Onboarding: “The new-hire packet is helpful in putting documents in [new employees’] hands to kind of self-service. It takes the [paperwork] pain out of that first day, so we can just focus on delighting people...because they’ve done 90 percent of their paperwork.”

Strategic HR Data: “[Leaders benefit from] me and my team kind of poking around and surfacing things that are interesting, and explaining why and finding out what business value they can have.”

Insightful Reports: “[At] the last board meeting we did a deep dive in turnover that nobody had visibility into before, and we were also able to tie that to our engagement scores, which was really kind of cool.”

Customizable Access Levels: “[Suppose] an office manager needs [to see] 90 percent of someone’s data, but doesn’t need to see X, Y, and Z. ...We can show anyone what they need to see, and I can feel good that they can’t see anything other than that.”

Time-Saving Self-Service: “The amount of requests [HR] got went down pretty markedly. So whether that was to change an address, or a manager wanting to know what someone’s title was, people were empowered to self-service on those easier questions. ...Having been in a place where I had to answer all of those questions, it was a huge relief to me.”

Convenient Mobile App: “It’s helpful for me when I have to contact people. I like that you can just pull them up through the app and text them direct from that, or call them directly. I’ve definitely had to use that when on vacation, or trying to reach an employee who wasn’t on site.”

About Wistia

Wistia provides video-hosting services that have helped more than 500,000 businesses make and market videos about their products and services. “Our goal,” said Jane, “is to create a more human experience when businesses are interacting with their customers.”


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Cambridge, Massachusetts

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