Insight Lab’s intuitive, complete compensation solution will help you to develop a bold people strategy, leverage fresh skill-based data to pay competitively, and make comp a team sport by involving all the right people in thepay process to make informed decisions. OnlyPayScale delivers integrated manager made tools to ensure organizational alignment, and communicate pay to employees, resulting in a steadfast employer brand and sought-after company culture.

Built-in datasets backed by data transparency documentation

Robust Analytics

Get a complete view of your workforce. Make well informed, strategic compensation decisions for your business with up to date metrics on your workforce.

Build Your Compensation Structure

Stop spending time formatting and reuploading your workforce information. PayScaleConnectors seamlessly syncs employee information from your HRIS, doing the work for you behind the scenes.


Keep your data safe with PayScale’s rigorously secure, trusted Connectors. Encrypted.PayScaleis SOC 2 Type II certified. 8,000 customers, from SMB to Fortune 500, trustPayScalewith their workforce information.


How it works.

Connecting your BambooHR instance to PayScale Insight Lab is easy; no developers or coding required. Data flows one way, from BambooHR into Insight Lab so you’ll always have up-to-date salary information to work with.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
PayScale Field
Field Logic or Notes
Employee #
Employee ID
Required field. This is the primary identifying field for the integration. The Employee # and Employee ID in the two systems must match.
Basic Information - Employee
Defines which employees to exclude
Required field. By default, all active employees import into Insight Lab.
First Name and Last Name
Country Code
Required field. Insight Lab requires the national currency of the employee's Address - Country to match the national currency of the Job Info - Location country.
Employee Email
A required field for PayScale's Team product, only.
Hire Date
Date of Hire
Employment Status
Full/Part Time
Pay Rate
Base Salary Amt and Hourly Rate
Required field.
Pay Rate Currency
Currency of Employee Pay and Job Currency
Required field.
Pay Type
Annual or Hourly
Required field.
Compensation - Effective Date
Salary Effective Date
Job Information - Location
Job Pricing Location and Employee Location
Required field.
Department & Job Family
Required field.
Job Title
Job Code and Job Title
Required field.
Reports To
manager Name
FLSA Status {Person}
Employment Status - Effective Date
Defines current Employment Status
Required field.
Job Information - Effective Date
Defines current Job Information
Required field.



Updated: 01/07/2020

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