Workforce Insights

Monthly Report – March 2024

Welcome to the March edition of the BambooHR Workforce Insights report, where we delve into the latest trends shaping the world of employment.

Workforce Insights is powered by aggregated data trends from the millions of admins, managers, and employees who use BambooHR in the US and across the globe.


Hiring, Job Openings & Turnover

Job Openings

MoM 0.6% decrease

YoY 24% decrease

MoM 4% increase

YoY 1% decrease

MoM 0.6% decrease

YoY 26% decrease


MoM 0.1% decrease

YoY 20% decrease

MoM 5% increase

YoY 3% increase

MoM 2% decrease

YoY 23% decrease

Hiring, Job Openings & Turnover by Industry

Manager & Peer Reviews

Manager Reviews
Peer Reviews

MoM 7% decrease

YoY 6% increase

MoM 19% decrease

YoY 12% decrease


MoM 9% decrease

YoY 6% increase

MoM 13% decrease

YoY 12% decrease

Employee PTO Requests & Approvals

PTO Requests
% PTO Approved

MoM 1% decrease

YoY 6% decrease

MoM 1% increase

YoY 1% increase


MoM 0.3% increase

YoY 4% decrease

MoM 0.9% increase

YoY 1% increase

Employee PTO Requests & Approvals by Industry

About BambooHR

BambooHR® is the leading provider of cloud-based HR software solutions that empower HR professionals to manage, support, and grow what matters most—their people. As a company, BambooHR's mission is to set people free to do great work, by automating, centralizing, and connecting employee data all in one place to support better decisions.

The platform’s intuitive and intentionally designed payroll, time tracking, benefits, performance, and reporting solutions support the full repertoire of HR responsibilities—all backed by award-winning customer service. Over the past 15 years, BambooHR has been the trusted partner of HR professionals at 32 thousand companies in over 150 countries and 50 industries, for supporting millions of users throughout their employee experience.


All source data is from the BambooHR platform, gathered between December 2018 and March 2024, and includes 4.3 million employee data points across the globe.

The data includes employee and manager performance scores, PTO requests, and other data points that have been analyzed in an aggregated, anonymized way to protect the privacy of employees and the integrity of the metrics.

Turnover includes all types of separation of an employee from their company, including voluntary and involuntary separations.

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