What Is Nepotism?

Nepotism refers to when those who have power unfairly favor their family members in the workplace.

Examples of this special treatment may include giving the favored individual a job, providing more and greater opportunities within a company, or increasing their pay or benefits.

What's the Difference between Nepotism and Cronyism?

While nepotism refers to giving family members priority, cronyism refers to the act of favoring friends. Someone who is in a higher position at the company may use cronyism to hire, assist, or promote their friend.

The repercussions of cronyism are similar to those of nepotism. Cronyism ultimately overlooks key employees who are more deserving of opportunities, often to the detriment of company culture.

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What Are the Consequences of Nepotism?

Nepotism breeds inequity in the workplace which can harm both the company culture and overall viability of the business.

When leaders base promotions on favoritism, it can:

How Do You Deal With Nepotism in the Workplace?

It can be difficult for employees to voice concerns about nepotism. Therefore, as the employer, it’s essential to provide a communication channel for them to do so without negative repercussions. This may involve:

How Can You Prevent Nepotism in the Workplace?

To avoid nepotism, you should strive to make decisions based on an individual’s qualifications rather than your relationship with them.

In addition to creating anti-nepotism policies, work with your team to:

Address Nepotism in Manager Trainings

The leaders of your organization must set the right example. Therefore, ensure they uphold transparent and ethical practices by addressing nepotism and favoritism in your manager trainings.

To address nepotism thoroughly, you may want to provide:

Establish a Transparent Hiring and Promotional Culture

Transparency is key to building an honest work culture and safeguarding against nepotism. To embed transparency into your hiring and promotional practices, be sure to:

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