Top HR Blogs 2014 Edition

Welcome to BambooHR’s Top HR Blogs page! It’s an exciting time to be in HR. There’s an abundance of groundbreaking conversation taking place with daily opportunities to be involved. In fact, one thing we get most excited about is the ever-increasing accessibility of HR’s most innovative minds.

Below is a list of some of our favorite HR blogs where many of those minds hang out. Each blog provides valuable insight and enlightening perspectives on HR, so give them a click, see what they have to say, and don’t forget to connect with the authors on the Twitters!

  • The Cynical Girl
    • 73
    • Laurie Ruettimann, author of The Cynical Girl, recently killed this blog, but she hasn’t stopped pushing the boundaries of old school HR. Connect with Laurie for updates on her new endeavors.

    • LinkedIn
  • TLNT
    • 72
    • TLNT is your go-to resource for all things HR. With over 30K Twitter followers, it's kind of a big deal.

    • LinkedIn
  • HR Bartender
    • 70
    • "Pull up a stool, order your favorite beverage, and join the conversation." Sharlyn Lauby is here to help you work your way through the company's latest HR scandal.

  • HR Examiner
    • 66
    • The HR Examiner is a magazine focused on sharing the industry's latest discoveries in "people, technology, ideas and careers."

    • LinkedIn
  • HR Ringleader
    • 64
    • Trish McFarlane is the author of the HR Ringleader blog, and she's the master at managing all your crazy HR sideshows.

    • LinkedIn
  • Ask a Manager
    • 64
    • Curious about "how to ask for a raise, whether you might be in danger of getting fired, or how to act in a second interview?" Ask a Manager is here to help.

    • LinkedIn
  • Evil HR Lady
    • 62
    • The Evil HR Lady is here to tell you like it is. Follow along if you've "worked your tail end off all year and still got a 1.7 percent bonus."

  • Fistful of Talent
    • 62
    • FOT is a talent management blog, “like the HR Capitalist but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.”

    • LinkedIn
  • The HR Capitalist
    • 61
    • Kris Dunn is the mind behind The HR Capitalist, a blog detailing the ins and outs of the HR community. You'll also find his latest thoughts over on Fistful of Talent.

    • LinkedIn
  • Employer Handbook
    • 60
    • Written by a lawyer, The Employer Handbook is your guide to all the legalities, rights and wrongs in the workplace.

    • LinkedIn
  • Women of HR
    • 54
    • Women of HR came to be after a night of "pomegranate martinis, laughter, and great conversation . . . It's a place to find community and collaboration."

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