DIY: The Tried And True Guide To Mastering HR Best Practices [EBOOK]

We come across a lot of different types of organizations with many different types of HR teams.

Some have a large HR department, some have much smaller teams, and some are fill-in HR pros—office managers or company founders—just kinda’ winging the HR stuff. Most of the people we talk to have a firm belief in the importance of HR best practices and dedicated HR resources, but every once in awhile we speak to somebody—usually from the last group—who hasn’t seen the light yet.

For these people, we created “DIY: The tried and true guide to mastering HR best practices.”

And while we feel this guide is especially useful for those new to HR processes, we also believe anyone (and everyone) can benefit from it. Among many others, here are five actionable takeaways you’ll get from the guide:

How to tell your story. It’s imperative that you carefully consider your history and craft a story that gets shared often, puts the facts behind your organization (its founding, its mission, etc.) into an emotional context, and gives others a reason to care.

How to develop your people. You stand to benefit a great deal by using at least some of your resources for employee development. Not only will your people gain worthwhile knowledge and develop important skills, but they’ll know you care and want to reward you for your faith in them.

How to develop better performance management. You need to match your performance management to your objectives. By finding the best way to evaluate your employees’ performance, and making sure they are being rated in a way that helps determine their real value to the organization, you’ll know exactly what kind of feedback they need. And how frequently they need it.

How to improve your work environment. It’s worth your time to create a working environment your employees want to be in. After all, they spend a significant chunk of their lives at work. Paying attention to the aesthetics and functionality of your workspace will go a long way towards creating an enjoyable environment.

How to create better onboardings. Obviously, onboarding is important in getting your new people off on the right foot. So, it goes without saying that the effectiveness of your onboarding is nothing short of crucial. And there is a lot you can do to make first days more fruitful for both you and your new hires.

To download the (free) guide go here.