The 21 Best HR Resources You Need to Read in 2023

We scoured the internet, consulted our team of HR experts, and rounded up the 21 best HR resources for professionals so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Bookmark a few of these incredible pages, and you’ll never have to go hunting for articles, ebooks, webinars, or blog posts again.

Whether you're looking for expert advice, the latest HR trends, or practical tools to enhance your HR practice, these top websites will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and resources to make a bigger impact.

1. BambooHR

Best For: HR Resources & Insight

Get the latest HR insights and find answers to common HR problems on the BambooHR blog. With research, fresh data, and actionable tips, our blog attracts 100,000 visitors monthly.

For more in-depth analysis and reports, visit our content library or watch hundreds of webinars featuring advice from industry experts. On our website, you can also learn all about our complete HR platform, which helps more than 30,000 HR teams support over 3 million employees and grow successful businesses.

Here’s a shortlist of our favorite content of 2023:

2. HR Unplugged

Best For: Expert HR Advice

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Anita Grantham, BambooHR’s Head of HR, hosts this candid podcast, giving HR and business leaders a safe space to talk openly about the tough stuff. Listen to previous episodes, or register for the next webinar to join in the live Q&A!

3. HR Heroes Slack Community

Best For: HR Community

OK, not actually a website, but very much a place for HR people to come together, learn from each other, and vent to a completely supportive community! Join the HR Heroes Slack community to connect and collaborate in real-time with HR pros trying to make a difference just like you.

4. Deloitte Insights

Best For: Business & HR News & Research

Consultancy firm Deloitte offers free resources to help HR leadership teams and executives see the big picture around their organization. Check out Deloitte Insights to quickly find the most up-to-date HR and business news, plus in-depth reports, articles, and podcasts.

5. Ask a Manager Blog

Best For: Leadership & Workplace Advice

Alison Green runs the popular blog, Ask a Manager. She draws on her expertise to help managers and employees with all the different challenges that come their way, from the run-of-mill workplace process, like interviewing candidates, to tougher, more unique situations, like what to do when someone bites a coworker.

6. HR Brew

Best For: HR News & Analysis

HR Brew is the perfect newsletter to pair with your morning coffee (or whenever, really). It’ll help you stay up to date on HR news, give you research-based advice, and bring the latest industry reports right to your inbox.

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7. What Happens at Work Limited Series

Best For: HR Community

Need something a little lighter in your HR podcast round-up? Tune in to BambooHR’s limited podcast series, What Happens at Work, and enjoy seven snack-sized episodes with great human stories and a side of expertise.

8. The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

Best For: HR Advice & Insight

Julie Turney, founder of HR@Heart Consulting, interviews fellow HR experts and leaders about what’s new and trending in HR, how they got their start, and more. Tune in to the podcast for new perspectives and lots of empathy.

9. HR Bartender

Best For: HR & Business Insight

Come share your troubles and get helpful advice from Sharlyn Lauby, the real-life HR professional behind HR Bartender. Designed to deliver insights in the casual and approachable tone you’d get from a friendly barkeep, this virtual bar offers great articles on topics like management strategies, employee engagement, and career advice.


Best For: Social Network for HR Pros

If you’re an HR professional or hoping to become one, registering for a free membership at is a no-brainer. Your membership gives you access to a network of over one million HR professionals plus a wealth of HR resources, including free HR forms and compliance posters, HR certification courses and recertification credit opportunities, webcasts, and more.

11. The Evil HR Lady

Best For: HR Industry & Business News

Make sure you follow Suzanne Lucas, self-titled Evil HR Lady, HR consultant, and leadership expert. She writes articles and hosts a podcast about what’s new in the business world and how that affects employers, HR pros, and employees.

12. SHRM’s HR News

Best For: HR News & Trends

You know SHRM as the OG professional organization for HR, but it also has a newsy side. HR News is where you can find all the latest SHRM-authored articles on all things HR. While you’re there, you also can log some of your recertification credits or access their many HR tools.

13. Fairygodboss

Best For: Career Advice & Community for Women

If you’re looking for career advice that’s tailored to you as a professional woman, maybe Fairygodboss can help. It’s the largest career community for women. Along with their blog, it offers career connections, job searching, and virtual events tailored especially for women.

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14. CultureAmp Resources

Best For: HR Insight

Looking for employee experience-specific resources? CultureAmp, an employee experience app, has a wide array of free HR resources, focusing especially on topics such as employee engagement, workplace culture, and the like.

15. Lattice Resource Library

Best For: HR Insight

A performance management platform, Lattice also offers an HR resource library. Peruse the virtual shelves, which include podcasts, webinars, templates, and blog articles, and check out anything you want for free.

16. Checkr’s Fair Chance Hiring Hub

Best For: DEI Insight

Checkr specializes in background check solutions, but its broader mission is more ambitious: making it easier for formerly incarcerated people to get a fair chance during hiring and in the workplace. Visit their hub to learn how fair chance hiring can help you expand your recruiting pool, increase workplace diversity, and boost overall business performance.

17. Greenhouse Blog

Best For: Talent Acquisition Insight

A hiring software company, Greenhouse provides HR resources to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the talent acquisition world. Check out their blog and guidance pages to find insights on topics like candidate experience, onboarding, and more.

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18. The Balance Small Business

Best For: Small Business Resources

Are you a small business leader? The Balance Small Business is the content library for you, with resources tailored to help you navigate the tricky waters of an SMB. If you’re looking for more general business and financial information, check out their main page at The Balance.

19. Employment & Labor Insider Blog

Best For: Labor Law Insights

Do you know what you should be on the lookout for on the legal side of HR? Robin Shea, main blog contributor and partner at Constangy Law, is here to help. Visit the blog for legalese-free explanations on the latest developments in the world of labor and employment laws.

20. TLNT

Best For: Talent Management Insight

TLNT is the perfect blog for HR professionals who specialize in talent management. It’s up on all the latest trends and news, plus you can browse their webinars and live events for talent management professionals.

21. TriNet

Best For: Talent Management Insight

Here’s another place to get advice on talent management: TriNet. But if you’re tired of reading articles and information, head to TriNet’s video page to watch and learn. If you’re still hungry for more reading material, check out their comprehensive blog.

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