Job Description Templates

Hiring great employees begins with creating great job ads. An effective job posting can make your organization’s open positions more visible, attract more high-quality candidates, and contribute to a solid employer brand and candidate experience. On the other hand, a poorly written job ad can have the opposite effect, making it more difficult to reach the top talent your organization needs.

That being said, it can be tough for busy HR professionals and hiring managers like you to find the time to build optimized job ads from scratch. We’ve created this collection of job description templates to save you time and give you a headstart on creating high-quality job postings.

How to Use These Job Description Templates

While it may be tempting to copy and paste one of these job description templates and call it a day, we don’t recommend this approach. Instead, we suggest working with your hiring managers and recruiting team to customize each template according to your organization’s needs. Taking the time to do it this way will help your organization attract the right candidates and set the proper expectations for all applicants.

How to Create a Great Job Ad

You should include each of these pieces in your job postings (and in something close to this order):

  • Job title and summary
  • Information about the organization
  • Job duties
  • Job requirements
  • Benefits of working at the organization
  • Any required legal language

Much of this content will be repeatable across all of your organization's job postings, such as info about your company and legal boilerplate. It’s in the job description, duties, and requirements where you will have the best opportunities to tailor your ad to your company’s goals and the ideal candidate.

To create a job description that attracts the kinds of candidates you want to reach, check out our guide to creating job postings. It gives the “why” and “how-to” behind these basic best practices:

  • Use a clear job title
  • Outline the essential job functions
  • Indicate what success looks like in that position
  • List the essential requirements
  • Keep it brief

Good luck out there!