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Talent acquisition is one of the most widespread and challenging tasks HR professionals face—and hiring top talent begins with creating great job descriptions.

An effective job description can boost your company's visibility, attract qualified candidates, and shape your overall employer brand.

By contrast, a poorly written job description can have the opposite effect, making it more difficult to fill open positions and delaying time-to-hire. With the average cost to hire a new employee ranging from $7,500–$28,000, it's important to optimize every step of the process.

Each year, more than 33,000 businesses rely on BambooHR to hire, onboard, and support their employees. Our job description library provides pre-built templates you can customize for your next search.

How to Use BambooHR's Job Description Templates



Recruitment begins with internal alignment between the hiring manager, recruiters, and any decision makers who will need to sign off throughout the process. Be sure to identify the "must haves" that are important to the team, as well as any additional "nice to have" qualities that would help a candidate stand out.



Include a description of your company, the benefits you'll offer, and the specific skills the candidate will need to succeed. We also recommend including a salary range, as this increases pay transparency and helps the right candidates self-select into your hiring process.



We recommend using an applicant tracking system to keep candidates' submissions organized, help multiple team members coordinate interviews, and seamlessly progress into onboarding once a hire has been made.



No matter how carefully you craft a job description, you might not find the right hire immediately. Monitor the screening process closely to determine whether your job description is attracting the right candidates—and keep adjusting until you find the right fit.

Job Description Templates

Browse our library of job description templates, featuring roles spanning education, healthcare, construction, business, and more.

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