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2020: A New Evolution in Total Rewards
Strategic HR Brent Longnecker Nov 14, 2019
In this engaging session, Brent Longnecker will address some of the most dynamic workplace issues that are redefining total rewards of tomorrow. Topics will include the "pressures on pay" and competing demands on today’s HR team that are forging a new evolution in total rewards. This presentation will cover the toughest challenges HR professionals are facing and how they can get ahead of the curve on hot topics such as income disparity and the gender pay gap, pressures from legislation regulations, an aging population and multigenerational workforce, compensation for millennials, the effects of rising debt and healthcare costs, market volatility, and shareholder activism and its impact on pay.
Presenter Brent Longnecker
About Brent Longnecker
Brent Longnecker, Chairman and CEO of Longnecker & Associates, has more than 30 years’ experience in strategy governance and remuneration consulting for public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Mr. Longnecker has built one of the country’s leading, privately held executive management consultancies, serving both domestic and international markets, with additional corporate litigation support in which he has provided expert witness testimony for over 100 compensation related cases. He is on the board of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). For three decades, he has consulted with a wide variety of companies in multiple industries. Further, he has authored 15 books on compensation, governance, and human resource – including the release of his 15th book, The Power of Restricted Stock, 3rd Edition. Mr. Longnecker has authored and/or been featured in more than 500 articles nationwide and Consulting Magazine selected Mr. Longnecker as one of the Top 25 consultants in the U.S. For the tenth year in a row, Longnecker & Associates was named one of the 2020 Best Companies to Work for in Texas. Out of the 100 companies given this distinction, L&A took the number one spot two prior years. He has both his bachelors and masters from the University of Houston.
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