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3 Things to Get Right in Your First HR Leadership Role
Leadership Niki Ramirez Nov 14, 2019
Tackling your first human resources leadership role can be daunting; even scary sometimes! All of the HR strategies and knowledge that you have gathered over the years are put to the test. In this session, I’ll share with you my HR journey: from how my Bachelor of Arts in Literature and MBA impact my success in HR, to how I made the move from operations to human resources leadership. You'll also hear about the top 3 mistakes that I see HR leaders make in their first year (and how to avoid them!). Last, you will leave this session with 3 practical strategies that you can implement right away to align you professional goals with you personal style, as well as continue to maximize success across the board in your HR department.
Presenter Niki Ramirez
About Niki Ramirez
Niki Ramirez is the Founder and Principal Consultant at, a firm dedicated to providing practical human resources guidance that leaves an impact on business success. Niki is a certified HR professional with leadership and HR experience spanning 20+ years, including: serving in operational management and leadership roles, community college adjunct faculty, and as a human resources executive. Niki carries with her a strong desire to educate and empower employees and their leaders to work in partnership to design and implement meaningful human resources programs that drive the success of their organizations.
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