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A Million Little Moments: How To Influence Culture
Culture Chelsea Stonerock Oct 08, 2020
Culture is made up of a million little moments happening across your work place (both good and not so good). Often as self identified control freaks, HR professionals want to have full influence over their company culture, but at most we have opportunities to nudge it in a favorable direction with the processes and initiatives we put into place. It's the people we work with who really make culture live in their every day interactions. Inspired by the experiences captured in the A Million Little Moments series, this talk shares both practical and conceptual inspiration to create a company culture with more of the moments we want and less of those we don't.
Presenter Chelsea Stonerock
About Chelsea Stonerock
Starting her career out on the creative side of an agency, Chelsea found her true calling when she shifted to the operations lane and became a leader in people and culture in the agency world. A graduate of Rollins College and Savannah College of Art and Design, Chelsea is a continuous learner, discovering how genuine empathy and radically candid communication can help shape a modern workplace. She currently gets out of bed every day to help make 321 The Agency in downtown Orlando the place for people to create the best experiences and work of their lives.
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