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Agile Performance Management
Performance Jo Weech Oct 08, 2020
The 1950s called. They want their annual performance review back. Yes, this ritual dates back to the 1950s. Do you know any managers or team members who look forward to this evil necessity? Does this antiquated methodology contribute to retention in your organization? We will explore how applying the methodology used in agile software development can greatly enhance employee engagement, reduce/eliminate the need for PIPs, optimize career pathing, reduce liability, and inspire everyone to do their best work. Millennials and Gen Z have stated that they desire feedback, good or bad. To be honest, so do Gen X and Perennials! In every personal and professional relationship, giving and receiving honest input can give everyone the opportunity to course correct if needed and to be appreciated for successes along the way. If you are in a leadership role and can influence how performance is measured in your organization, this webinar will provide you with four simple steps for implementing change. If you are more of a line manager on the org chart and the annual performance review will not go away any time in the next decade, you can still employ these simple steps to inspire your team and reduce the time needed to complete the lengthy annual forms. Whether you are using OKRs or MBOs or KPIs or 360s, agile performance management can be leveraged within any of those systems. Have your questions handy, and if they are not answered in the webinar, connect with me on LinkedIn, and I will do my best to answer them, or crowdsource the answers for you!
Presenter Jo Weech
About Jo Weech
Jo Weech enjoys assisting companies excel in recruiting and retention, infusing enthusiasm into strategy and execution. Speaking engagements include HR/Recruiting conferences and career transition groups. In 2016, Jo received the HRLA Leadership Excellence award. In 2017, was named by RecruitingDaily in 300+ Women in HR Technology to Follow/Support, was awarded the Gary Cluff Award for Recruiting Excellence, and an award for Best Presentation at DisruptHR NYC. Jo traveled to Japan in a US delegation of top HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals. She has a passion to raise the bar of excellence in engaging diverse future and current employees.
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