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All Aboard: How HR Leaders Build Inclusive Leadership Capacity
Inclusion & Belonging Margaret Spence Nov 04, 2021
Organizations can build powerful mission statements around diversity; you can issue public-facing statements on inclusion; you can even champion equality and never move to create equity for diverse employees or female stakeholders. Five years from today, given the landscape of your organization, will any see a noticeable change in your DEI Program?
Presenter Margaret Spence
About Margaret Spence
Driven by a belief that inclusion is the key to solving the greatest challenge of our time, Margaret founded The Inclusion Learning Lab to empower and support individuals and organizations doing the daily work to build inclusive workspaces. Margaret has been a transformational keynote speaker, author, business strategist, leadership development coach, and visionary for over three decades. She is known for her ability to help businesses achieve their goals and create sustainable change. Her business-advisory firm, C. Douglas & Associates, has consulted with major corporations on human resources compliance, talent development, diversity and inclusion, and women’s leadership development for over twenty-three years. She received the ACORD Advancing Women in Leadership and the DEI Innovators Award in 2021. Beyond Corporate DEI Initiatives, Margaret also launched The Employee to CEO Project in 2017. The Employee to CEO Project, a global initiative aimed at increasing the equitable representation of minority women, in C-Level leadership roles. Her bold life’s mission to empower ten-thousand diverse women, over the next five years, so they are prepared to enter and advance through the executive leadership development pipeline and gain equity within organizations. Margaret feels that it’s not enough to be promoted if we do not gain equity. The bold vision for this program asks you to look ahead, Five Years From Today...Imagine yourself sitting at the top of a mountain looking back at your career. You're a purposeful, formidable, and powerful woman positioned as an expert in your field. You've tripled your earnings, you're able to give back, and you're paying it forward. You've become the leader you envisioned. You set big goals and achieved them. Now imagine where your career will be if you do nothing today to create your vision for tomorrow. What will you regret in five years? This bold statement is from Margaret’s third book, Leadership Self-Transformation, she challenges women to clarify their vision, pivot from expert to leader, and build the career they want. To learn more about Margaret Spence, visit or – you can also join her weekly for her live podcast Inclusion Unscripted on LinkedIn or YouTube or listen to the replay on your favorite podcast app.
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