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All Aboard: How HR Leaders Build Inclusive Leadership Capacity
Inclusion & Belonging Margaret Spence Nov 04, 2021
Organizations can build powerful mission statements around diversity; you can issue public-facing statements on inclusion; you can even champion equality and never move to create equity for diverse employees or female stakeholders. Five years from today, given the landscape of your organization, will any see a noticeable change in your DEI Program?
Presenter Margaret Spence
About Margaret Spence
Margaret Spence is the Founder &CEO of the Inclusion Learning Lab, for twenty-two years, she has led a business-advisory firm specializing in human resources compliance, talent development, diversity and inclusion, and women’s leadership development. The Inclusion Learning Lab drives change through advocacy, education, research, and action steps to solve the greatest challenge of our time – creating a more inclusive work environment. A transformational keynote speaker, author, business strategist, and visionary. Margaret is the author of three books and her fourth book “The Inclusion Archetype” will be published in Early 2022. Her latest book, Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Woman Must Answer, keenly focuses on helping women build proactive careers. To learn more about Margaret Spence visit: – and to learn more about her diversity and inclusion mission visit – or connect with her on LinkedIn.
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