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Are your employees high?
Strategic HR Kate Bischoff Nov 14, 2019
Originally broadcast on 11/14/19, some details may be outdated. What if they’re stoned on their own time? What if they get high while on a trip to a state where it readily available? As marijuana becomes more and more accepted by society and available recreationally, employers face a conundrum – how will marijuana affect our workplaces and should we test for it. The answers have real consequences for applicants, employees, and workplaces. So, what should you do? This session will include some practical considerations and tips on how to handle pot.
Presenter Kate Bischoff
About Kate Bischoff
Kate Bischoff is an overly enthusiastic, sarcastic, and opinionated management-side employment attorney and human resources professional. She works closely with management, HR folk, and technology companies to improve organizations and make it easier to recruit and retain talent through having easy-to-understand policies, easy-to-use technology, and easy-to-explain compliance initiatives. Prior to starting her own business, Kate served as the HR Officer for Consulate General Jerusalem and U.S. Embassy Lusaka, Zambia. Kate has been recognized by The New York Times,, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Public Radio, and other journalistic sources as a leading authority on harassment, technology in the workplace, and employment law.
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