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Building a Coaching Culture
Leadership Dr. Marcia Reynolds Nov 08, 2018
Seventy-seven percent of human resources practitioners and leaders report that their organization is in a state of constant change, with priorities and strategies continuously shifting. Based in ROI studies, integrating coaching practices into leadership capabilities is a powerful way to build agile environments that thrive under the pressures of change. A Coaching Culture is not based on giving feedback. It is steeped in having meaningful conversations on a regular basis that ensure everyone feels heard, valued and significant. How do you do this with time being a precious commodity and attentions spans getting shorter? Dr. Reynolds will define what a coaching culture is, outline the social factors that have brought the importance of coaching behaviors to the forefront of organizations world-wide, and demonstrate the value a Coaching Culture has for all employees using examples and research results that include the positive impact on the bottom line. She will then share best practices with companies who have successfully integrated coaching into daily operations, pointing out the requirements these companies followed to ensure everyone has the ability to use a “coaching approach” in their conversations. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will see how you can implement the pieces to make the important shift. She will then list the elements that must be included in training programs and what other leadership competencies support the environment where coaching takes hold. In the end, participants will be able to draw their own road map for creating a cultural transformation based in coaching.
Presenter Dr. Marcia Reynolds
About Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Dr. Marcia Reynolds helps global organizations grow their leadership using coaching for accelerated results. She has taught classes and coached leaders in 41 countries. She is recognized by Global Gurus as the #5 coach in the world and is one of 10 coaches in the International Coach Federation’s Circle of Distinction. She is the training director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute in the US, and on faculty in coaching schools in China, Russia, the Philippines, and India. Excerpts from Marcia’s books Outsmart Your Brain, Wander Woman, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs and her latest, Coach the Person, Not the Problem, have appeared in publications world-wide. Her doctorate is in organizational psychology and she holds two master’s degrees in communication and adult learning.
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