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Building Dreams: How to Recruit, Retain, and Inspire Your Dream Employees
Employee Engagement Jeffrey Shaw Oct 08, 2020
How do we find the best qualified employees? How do we stand out in a competitive employment environment? How do we get the most out of today’s employees? Finding dream employees can feel like a shot in the dark and often we’re left wondering, “Are there any great employees left out there?” What if the solution is not wasting time trying to fit employees into the company but rather attracting only the dream employees that are a fit for the company? How about instead of trying to improve employee engagement from the inside, what if only employees who were emotionally invested were hired in the first place? To do that, you would need to understand and speak their lingo. Gain a new perspective on talent acquisition from brand message expert, small business consultant, and photographer, Jeffrey Shaw, by learning to see your dream employees the way a photographer sees their subject. How understanding their lingo will make your company stand out, make recruiting easier, and bring out the best in them. When that happens, both employees and companies feel it’s a perfect fit and everyone’s dreams can come true.
Presenter Jeffrey Shaw
About Jeffrey Shaw
For more than three decades, Jeffrey Shaw has been one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the United States. His portraits have appeared on the Oprah Show, in People magazine, O Magazine, hang at Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center. He’s here today to show you how to make employees feel seen, heard and understood like a photographer sees their subject. When that happens, you’ll attract and retain your Dream Employees by learning to speak their "Lingo". When he’s not hosting Waffle Sundays at his home in Miami where friends old and new show up for homemade waffles and mimosas, Jeffrey is a small business consultant, TEDx speaker, host of The Self-Employed Life podcast with over one million downloads, and bestselling author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible and The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Strategies That Create Sustainable Success.
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