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Building Organizational Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement Sarah Hunt , Steph Stern Oct 08, 2020
Join Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’s Sarah Hunt and Steph Stern for an engaging session on how to introduce an emotional intelligence program and scale it inside your organization. We'll discuss best practices to build a strategy to increase resilience, emotional intelligence, and collaboration across your teams. This session will provide you with the tools and resources to build emotional intelligence skills through this period of disruption. We’ll share the strategic insights we’ve learned through our partnerships with HR professionals who’ve scaled mindfulness-based emotional intelligence globally. In this half-hour session you’ll: -Learn how to introduce an emotional intelligence program and scale it globally inside your organization -Discover how emotional intelligence can support individuals, teams, and leaders in navigating an uncertain future -Learn from best practice examples and case studies how to embed emotional intelligence in your organization
Presenter Sarah Hunt
About Sarah Hunt
With a background in communications and emotional intelligence leadership, Sarah Hunt facilitates high quality learning solutions for global businesses. She has acquired and engaged multinational corporate clients to deliver large-scale mindfulness leadership programs worldwide. Sarah currently engages clients for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Her clients include Fortune 500 technology, finance, energy, transport and insurance companies. Prior to joining SIYLI, she facilitated and developed communications training for corporate and nonprofit organizations across five continents. In her native Australia, she led engagement projects to promote diverse representation in government policy. Sarah brings deep experience working with people and cultivating connectivity to her mindfulness teaching. As a long time practitioner of integrated mindfulness, Sarah has cultivated a keen understanding of how mindfulness is embodied and applied in the real world. She holds a BA (Honors) from the University of Melbourne and a post-graduate Diploma of Journalism from RMIT University.
Presenter Steph Stern
About Steph Stern
Steph is a Director at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). She leads the team that brings SIY to organizations, aiming to inspire compassionate workplaces. She is a part of the organization’s strategy team and oversees client engagements around the world, including Google, SAP, Salesforce, and Disney. Steph has a passion for helping people find more fulfillment and achieve their best in their work and lives. She combines her background in non-profit and consulting work with her coaching skills and understanding of human behavior to support people and organizations to practically apply mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills. Before joining SIYLI, she worked 10+ years on environmental issues, combining an understanding of human behavior and resource efficiency to solve environmental problems. During this time, she served as a program manager for StopWaste, a local government agency, and a consultant for Energy Solutions, an innovative consulting firm. She holds a BA from Wellesley College, a master’s in city planning from MIT, and is a certified coach, as well as an SIY Certified Teacher.
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