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Change Has Changed: Supporting Talent in a World of Perpetual Change
Performance Liane Davey Oct 08, 2020
Leaders have always been expected to manage change. But this is different. Change has changed. Reality is shifting daily, if not hourly, and there are no orderly phases or playbooks to get us through. In these unprecedented times, even the best employees will struggle to stay productive. While we can’t stop the current tsunami, we do have the power to create calm within the storm. In this virtual session, Liane Davey equips teams with the tools needed to deliver even in the midst of chaos. With the right mindset and language, leaders will be able to surface and move through resistance and drama rather than getting stuck in it. Most importantly, Davey will share strategies you need right now, so you have the energy, patience, and endurance to be there for your employees throughout this ordeal.
Presenter Liane Davey
About Liane Davey
Dr. Liane Davey is the New York Times Bestselling author of You First, Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done. She is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and is quoted as an organizational psychology expert in many publications. As the co-founder of 3COze Inc., she advises on business strategy and executive team effectiveness, and she has worked with executives at companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Aviva, TD Bank, 3M, and SONY PlayStation. Liane has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and her new book, The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Your Organization Back on Track was released in March.
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