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Compensation in a Post COVID World: The data behind remote work and The Great Resignation
Performance Matt Schulman Nov 04, 2021
COVID-19 came along in 2020 and threw the world into chaos. Employers hunkered down and laid off non-essential workers expecting the worst. All employees were asked to work from home, schools shut down, many businesses shut down, and we all waited to see what would happen as COVID-19 progressed.
Presenter Matt Schulman
About Matt Schulman
Matt, Founder and CEO of Pave, was previously a software engineer at Facebook. He holds degrees in computer science from Penn and business from Wharton. Matt has had a lifelong passion for helping people fully understand and take control of their personal finances. Outside of work, you can find him mountaineering in the Andes and backcountry skiing in the Rockies.
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