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Diversity is Not Enough: 5 Steps to Improve Equity & Inclusion
Performance, Inclusion & Belonging Casey Carey Nov 04, 2021
Let’s be real — having your employees complete annual training modules about diversity is never going to truly create a workplace that works for everyone. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is out of your hands. On the contrary — now more than ever, HR and business leaders have the responsibility to step up and lead their workforces into a new era of equity and inclusion. And the tools are within your grasp.
Presenter Casey Carey
About Casey Carey
Although a marketer by trade, at his core, Casey is a people geek. Over the past 20 years, he has been on a passionate quest to become a better leader and create connected, high-performing teams that deliver measurable business impact. His journey encompasses executive leadership roles in high-growth technology companies, including DoubleClick, Google, Marketo, and most recently, Adobe. #iheartppl
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