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Embedding DEI into Your Company's DNA
Inclusion & Belonging Stacy Gordon Nov 04, 2021
The business case for diversity is known, and diversity is beneficial in theory, but how many companies believe this enough to put it into practice? The problem has been identified, but remains unsolved. Mainly because there isn’t truly a problem if it’s not costing the company money. Stats, statements and standards alone will not change anything, but together, they are the underpinnings of a strategy. Stacey facilitates a session that will walk the audience through the rationale for creation of a strategic change management plan that will move leadership past the circular conversation about diversity & inclusion in the workplace.
Presenter Stacy Gordon
About Stacy Gordon
Leading at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and workplace culture, as CEO and Chief Diversity Strategist of Rework Work, Stacey focuses on reworking how companies work; including how they inclusively recruit, hire and engage employees, effectively creating inclusion and belonging for all.
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