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Enable "Real Talk" Within Your Corporate Teams Using 3 Lessons From Professional Sports
Performance Emile Studham Nov 04, 2021
In this session's talk, Emile will share real stories and examples covering: • 3 Core misconceptions on what an inclusive, healthy & high-performing culture looks like & common pitfalls corporate leaders make that lead to consistent team dysfunction. • 3 Crucial understandings from Professional Sports to help corporate leaders become ‘Role models’, share power & build self-managing teams. • Essential team systems and structures that creates safety for teams to practice Real Talk, generate peer to peer accountability & build trust within a hybrid workforce.
Presenter Emile Studham
About Emile Studham
Emile began his journey at Toronto-based company Aussie X where he implemented an early version of the Performance by Design system under the mentorship of Gerard Murphy. The impact it had on his team was enormous, empowering the business to grow by more than 30% year-on-year. The development and strength of Aussie X’s culture proved its ultimate competitive advantage. It was a great learning, showing Emile the impact of implementing the system & living by the team values & behaviours, and the company subsequently thrived. This drove Emile’s passion in culture and leadership consulting and connected him to the other PBD Founders to set up the PBD business in 2017. Now consulting in North America with a vast array of corporate clients including Canadian Boston Pizza & Hydro One, Emile’s passion and knowledge guarantee, that his presence in the room always delivers outcomes for his clients. A charismatic leader with a fun-loving nature makes for a unique character that people of all ages quickly warm to. Emile is a highly sought-after facilitator, speaker and culture consultant in the North American market.
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