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Experience Required: Win the War for Talent by Creating an Employee-Centric Environment
Employee Engagement Eliakim Thorpe Nov 14, 2019
Between Eliakim’s experience as a C.E.O. that recruits’ and the unprecedented competition to woo the best candidates, the game has changed when attracting, recruiting, retaining and competing for top talent. In this interactive thought-provoking session, Eliakim shares stories and insights about harnessing the power of your personnel as a strategic advantage. Learn on-the-ground strategies that Eliakim uses to beat his industry’s high turnover rate with a limited budget.
Presenter Eliakim Thorpe
About Eliakim Thorpe
RISING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STAR TURNED SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR: A fierce competitor with a moral compass, Eliakim is proof positive that you can still win in any pressure cooker environment and still retain your personal integrity. He has worked for multi-national, multi-billion-dollar organizations where he served as a cross-functional leader working with global teams on high-impact projects. After a nearly 20-year stellar career in top US companies, he walked away and built from scratch a multi-million dollar business empire. Eliakim works with a multi-disciplinary mindset within the arenas of entrepreneurship, business, speaking, technology, and professional services. His on-the-ground perspective has been featured in mainstream media such as Smart Business (, The Franchise Handbook, Home Business Magazine, and many other publications. He now takes his competitive spirit and helps other leaders turn values into a currency that can up-level engagement and execution when the stakes are high.
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