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High Achiever Land: Managing Your Stress and Performance Expectations in a Multigenerational Workforce
Performance Lindsay Boccardo Nov 04, 2021
Welcome to High Achiever Land. A place where perfectionists and leaders end up when they’ve put others before themselves for too long. In the spirit of caring for new staff and making sure seasoned staff feel respected and appreciated, we can lose ourselves in giving more and more. Each generation has different expectations around what leaders should be providing. Each generation (and every individual) is living with their own version of “success” and also find themselves dealing with unique stressors on their lives. How are we supposed to support everyone? Through a mix of stories, humor and proven best practices, Lindsay will share strategies to help you manage your energy, create and maintain boundaries and know when and how to say “yes” or “no” when people need your time and attention. She’ll fold in generational research around stressors and definitions of success to give you a deeper understanding of how to communicate and coach different generations. You’ll also learn why celebration is critical to your success (and who doesn’t like a little fun every once in a while?). You cannot grow without celebrating. We will explore the importance of pacing yourself by using intentional celebration, as it is the final key to your growth. We know that no matter the generation, growing humans are happy humans!
Presenter Lindsay Boccardo
About Lindsay Boccardo
For more than a decade, Lindsay has been coaching, researching and developing programs for millennials. Fascinated by the intersection of four unique generations in the workforce, Lindsay’s expertise now spans across industries and age groups to focus on creating meaningful experiences at work for Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z alike.
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