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How to Coach Any Senior Leader to Be More Effective in an Hour or Less
Leadership Nihar Chhaya Oct 08, 2020
In our increasingly uncertain and complex business environment, companies must ensure their executives are not only driving results but working effectively across silos and inspiring teams to perform at their highest potential. But senior leaders, given their positional authority, receive much less feedback on their blind spots and effectiveness than they give to those that report to them. For those senior executives that do invite feedback from their colleagues, they may accept input about opportunities for improvement but then struggle to connect the feedback to a clear, decisive plan of action that ensures changing their habits and behaviors while ensuring continuous business effectiveness. After all, these executives are exceedingly busy, have responsibilities that limit their ability to step back and observe how they are working, and may not always have the chance to work with a dedicated executive coach to guide them through the development journey. This is where a talented and astute HR leader or business colleague can come in and be of tremendous help. With a few quick interventions that demonstrate credibility, competence, and creative coaching technique, HR partners or peers of the senior leader can have a dramatically positive impact on them and ultimately the organization at large. These HR colleagues can help senior executives develop greater self-awareness and refine their leadership behaviors in ways these leaders have rarely experienced. In the process HR can transform not only leader effectiveness, but ensure a healthier company culture and business units operating at peak performance. In this presentation, Fortune 50 executive coach Nihar Chhaya will provide HR leaders and business executives a set of tools they can use to quickly develop a shared purpose with senior leaders around their development, influence executives to want to hear their feedback, and craft a decisive one-page action plan that favors momentum and business-guided growth over theoretical or overly academic input. Even if longer-term change and coaching is required to develop your company’s senior leaders, using these methods will set the wheels in motion for leaders and HR partners to have deeper, more collaborative discussions about the things that may be hindering their potential for greater leadership success.
Presenter Nihar Chhaya
About Nihar Chhaya
Nihar Chhaya is President of PartnerExec and a trusted executive coach to the C-suite and leaders at global companies including: American Airlines, Cigna, Coca-Cola, 3M, GE, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies and many others. Formerly a Fortune 200 corporate head of executive development and a senior advisor to the boards and CEOs on behavioral assessment and succession planning, Nihar helps companies thrive in an uncertain and competitive world by helping their leaders drive better business results and develop their bench strength of talent for future success. He is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fast Company on leadership and was selected among the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches group of top coaches in the world. Nihar received an MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in international economics at Columbia University and a BS in international economics at Georgetown University with studies at the London School of Economics.
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