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Is It Me or You? Yeah...You're Right, It's You!
Leadership Lawrence Henderson Oct 08, 2020
Is it me or you? It may seem obvious, but accountability and ownership are probably two of the most important elements when describing an organization's ablity to achieve its desired goals. Why is this? When we think about accountability at work in its simplest form, it's all about our employees stepping up and doing what's best not only for themselves but for the business. An employee who is accountable will take responsibility for results and outcomes. They will have a conviction to do right because it is right. At the end of the day, we want our employees to be accountable for their piece of the pie and be the professionals they were hired to be. Similarly, when you think about ownership, it is about taking initiative. When we believe taking action is not someone else's responsibility, individuals begin to own their part and be accountable for the quality and timeliness of outcomes. That is why accountability and ownership are the foundations of any clear organizational culture strategy. This session will provide tools to assist in building consistency for execution and job performance and teach how to prevent a lack of accountability and ownership from spreading throughout the team. Buckle up and hold on tight. This is going to be a values-filled ride.
Presenter Lawrence Henderson
About Lawrence Henderson
Over the past 20 years, Lawrence Henderson has become a comfort disrupting Leadership & Organizational development Coach and Trainer delivering social/culturally aware programs that shift the fabric of an organization. Lawrence started his leadership journey through service to his country as a U.S. Army officer. Now as the Owner/Chief Learning Officer for Business Operational Support Services (BOSS), LLC he stands in a position to help individuals, teams, and organizations connect the dots to the best versions of themselves. He has an unquenchable desire to help bridge the gap for others in their understanding of identity and purpose by Speaking from the TED stage, facilitating workshops, seminars, and small groups that provide people the tools to lead today and tomorrow.
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